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Range uses in common steel turning (the applied limits of ISO P25) inside, operating mode of spare parts, working procedure, material, treatment and bit dimension produced the change of world-shaking. Obtain optimal effect to already made a of metallic cutting course of study enormous challenge and strong desire inside this application limits with same bit brand. And Shanteweikekeleman's GC4225 (break through) appear, represented the P25 shop sign of new generation not only, and the treatment function in enhancing this domain significantly. In several years of in the past, shanteweikekeleman had extensive and thorough research and development, built new P25 name thereby, namely GC4225 (break through) . GC4225 (break through) be GC4025 brand upgrade version, it makes the applied range of razor blade of common steel turning becomes more broad, more efficient and more reliable. Muti_function bit brand GC4225 (break through) have via optimized function, all sorts of change that it can get used to workpiece material and forward the operation demand that more slashing application expands, offerred unprecedented versatility consequently. This brand provided new latent capacity -- have the aid of at buildup dependability, can manufacture efficiency through applying taller cutting parameter to rise. More accurate cutting tool life can forecast a gender to make GC4225 (break through) can use higher security easily. Because improved heat-resisting ability, new name is more consequently durable still. Same, new name is returned more agree with to undertake be optimizinged variously to the common steel turning with broad range. The data of steel of common steel turning that metabolic confused submits turned into from blame alloy tall alloy great ability, and till forging is mixed cast. Working procedure turned into from rough machining finish machining turning, treatment operating mode from good turned into slashing. Manufacturing type includes sheet produce batch production, tiny part to arrive to penetration of a cutting tool of large roller, short time extremely long penetration of a cutting tool and have supply without cooling fluid etc. Optimize a requirement to include from highest cutting parameter (use at achieving highest efficiency) to prolong cutting tool life (use at making sure security is mixed to reduce the number that change a knife) . Without a kind of any size range of pipe bent the turning range as P25 brand is same, the cutting cutting tool to P25 brand (namely the common turning on broad sense) having so many slashing demand. Unpredicatable razor blade wore away to reflect these change in various bit wear out condition, the bit that is used at common steel turning will encounter. Wear away in what what encounter in P25 turning limits include to be out of shape to the plasticity of cutting blade from the tumour that accumulate bits and of bit coating flake the crescent moon to cutting blade is formed depression quickly etc. For example, in automobile manufacturing industry, often ask P25 brand razor blade can bear to lead the initiative cutting force with cutting crustaceous forging with different tall metal purify already, can bear again the other cutting force when subsequently tall cutting speed is machined. And in spaceflight aviation industry, landing gear of such as plane (alloy steel) wait for a spare parts to need to use same come to bit carry out rough machining and finish machining working procedure. The typical working procedure of landing gear of Nextpage treatment plane is to need to carry out semifinishing machining twice first (walk along a knife to cut deep can be as high as 8mm) , carry out finish machining subsequently (cut deeply 1mm) , so that be mental allowance of put apart of below one working procedure. Bit must satisfy the slashing requirement with these two kinds of different process at the same time, so that maintain the good control that cut bits and constant cutting tool life, just can complete whole cutting process thereby. The improvement of clearly Shanteweikekeleman carries old analysis and development, had realized what go up in appearance to the P25 razor blade that its roll out before to improve. The clear demand that forms in the light of this brand place is the first selection that makes this brand makes common steel turning, this is brought about improved attribute of several kinds of brands. In view of current P25 application should compare P15 finish machining and P35 rough machining many 1/3 above, consequently, this is an unusually formidable task. New GC4225 (break through) the application that extended GC4025 of brand of the generation on its and function, it allows to use P25 name inside more broad range. Especially odd to be engaged in the job shops of a spare parts production, p25 brand reflected the huge dominant position of clearly, and, its a bit also won't reduce the tall metal purify that its are produced for large quantities of quantities only and optimizes to lead ability. Forecast bit accurately to wear away the width of P25 turning limits is meant may appear several kinds of different wear out condition. To all razor blade in all working procedure, good case is to appear only face of the knife after controllable wears away (because this is a kind relatively " natural " wear away) , can calculate the wear rate of cutting blade accurately thereby. But the fact is, wearing away is the union of a variety of wear out condition, brought about cutting blade to rupture prematurely thereby. As GC4225 (break through) research and development is successful, shanteweikekeleman took major move, in order to be in certain it is all case fall to be reduced forward even harmful wear away the way of the type develops quickly. Face of the knife after this is brought about wears away the main target that became cutting tool life, with its foregoing brand GC4025 are compared, new GC4225 (break through) the cutting tool life of brand razor blade raised one times. Via the experiment the report affirms, use GC4225 (break through) can be far from ruinous wear away, can forecast wear out condition accurately thereby, final cost saves steel turning working procedure ground of probable meeting firmly attracts the active meaning of the respect the look of job shops. The latent capacity GC4225 that is used at more working procedure (break through) the brand improved bit tenacity and wearability, and the union of tenacity and wearability makes the current name that ground of this brand of course made be worthy of the name. GC4225 (break through) be a kind muti_function solution, through improving coating caking property, it enhanced the point security of bit significantly. Higher security is meant in can using P25 bit more slashing process, for example discontinuous cutting. From another angle will see the ability of bit, of cutting blade fight be out of shape the gender is mixed fought crescent moon depression abrasiveness to already got marked improvement. Car crankshaft is one of give typical examples of more slashing working procedure. Normally, this is the application besides limitation of P25 application limits. Turning these steel forging, still include the discontinuous cutting with slashing requirement at the same time. To the security inside acceptability cutting tool life, undertake machining normally with the P35 brand bit that has tenacity more. In this case, life of its cutting tool is every cutting blade 44 spare partses. In this application, had a test to the P25 brand previously, checking a result is: In must change before bit, the P25 brand razor blade previously has the cutting tool life of 14 spare partses merely. Right in this application GC4225 (break through) the newest turning test that brand place has makes clear, the cutting tool life that it owns 41 parts -- compare with P35 brand photograph, wear away only many little. GC4225 (break through) the P25 shop sign that represented new generation, it is the shop sign of razor blade of high-powered first selection that common steel replaces current P25 brand and farther promotion to machine function in turning application. CNC Milling CNC Machining