The supersonic processing technique of a new force suddenly rises

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The is used at processing work of hard fragile data method that GILDEMEISTER formulates is a kind those who be based on supersonic technology is brand-new method, this method applies to pair of pottery and porcelain, glass, hard alloy, silicon, black lead, stick the treatment that receives agent and stainless steel data. Wait for department of a lot of industry to increase of demand increasingly to spare parts of high load capacity as pharmacy, optics and auto industry, people was used a lot of so called " high-powered data " , wait like pottery and porcelain, glass, hard alloy. This kind of material has very good character, if weight is light, chemical stability and thermal stability are good, anti-corrosive wait, but the treatment method of their good fragile characteristic use convention (wait like treatment of cutting tool of grinding, diamond) undertake machining hard, perhaps process charge costly. The basis of Hermann Sauer Inc. that is located in Ck of ü of Stipshausen Im Hunsr the 30 experience that come in supersonic treatment domain for years, developed new technology of a kind of supersonic treatment -- Ultrasonic. According to the design program of Ultrasonic, enchase the mill that diamond particle is made, auger, grind cutting tool the frequency with 20kHz (namely 20000 / S) cut work. Below the help of ultrasonic, even if the hardest work also can use lesser strength and higher feed power to undertake cutting is machined. The treatment method that uses a convention machines hard brittleness material to need to divide working procedure to undertake, wasteful time and treatment cost is higher. Because treatment cutting tool is mixed,be machined the attrition between workpiece, still can cause huge loss. And use ultrasonic treatment, can undertake machining directly according to the target, have the following advantage: □ and conventional treatment photograph are compared, ultrasonic treatment can be in 5 faces (most) inside the treatment that has high quality; The surface after □ is machined is bright and clean degree can achieve Ra<0.

M of 2 μ ; □ uses integral formula from adaptive control (ADR) harmonics controls a method (ACC) , rose to machine the security of the process; When □ accurate bore, bore diameter is the smallest can amount to 0.

3mm; □ strength and thermic load are small, be helpful for protecting workpiece and cutting tool; □ can grind the diamond cutting tool of the knife by oneself, can make sure taller cutting efficiency prolongs service life. When undertaking ultrasonic is machined, need believes high frequency report date translate into mechanical carry momentum, pass the amplitude of vibration of voltage regulator enlarge next. From theoretic tell, use diamond cutting tool is in 20kHz (20000 pulse / S) will contract first below pulse motion, appear subsequently outspread. When reaching amplitude or outspread maximum, the diamond particle that secures together with cutting tool touchs the workpiece surface that needs treatment, workpiece material by broken for tiny and drossy. In the meantime, cutting tool continues to rotate with the rotate speed of 3000 ~ 4000r/min. This can make workpiece achieves treatment precision on one hand, can keep clear of on the other hand rotate of the workpiece material below the cutting inside the area drossy. These are drossy and final by clean water from the job in sweep. Firm Shi Dao is provided and secure the diamond particle on cutting tool to also be met to machining the efficiency of the process and quality the influence with very large generation. This basically depends on the hardness of diamond blade and the dimension with atomic diamond, especially cutting tool bears the weight of the chemistry between part and cutting material, mechanical join is characteristic, character of this one join must agree with the treatment process photograph of Ultrasonic. Beyond the rod that removes Ultrasonic, stick receive material to also can happen to contract first again outspread phenomenon. Accordingly, stick in the choice when receiving data, should notice to be in diamond particle is outspread arrive when apogee with cutting tool between stick receive what still keep enough is firm. Additional, stick it is certain to receive material to still need to have flexible, when diamond particle is bumped unapt break off from cutting tool. Because numerous Chan Ren was formed in cutting process, because this uses diamond cutting tool to undertake cutting adds man-hour, cutting tool can grind a knife automatically, and be in whole use process can assure very tall, changeless cutting efficiency. Another characteristic of Ultrasonic processing technique is to obtain patent cutting tool to wear, it realized reliable appearance join and force join with awl whorl, made sure good vibration delivers a gender between main shaft and workpiece. This kind of special structure design is machining the security of main shaft of card of process middleman and guarantor, make fore-and-aft vibration won't deliver main shaft bearing, and on the baseplate that by bearing passes a machine tool (similar an one-way check valve) . What the successful place of Ultrasonic technology is machining a process at its not just is efficient, more important is it can assure to be mixed to machine quality by the treatment precision of treatment workpiece. The account that Ultrasonic technology can be accepted by potential user is the security that machines a process and treatment process but repeatability, this made sure Ultrasonic technology is in all sorts of production environments all applicable. The unit of computerized numerical control of Ultrasonic machine tool has the intelligence of all sorts of types to control algorithm, real time undertakes the process is monitored, give out to control regulated quantity suitably, wait like amplitude, feed and rotate speed, make immediateness identifying according to lag error, with avoiding cutting tool break off. Ultrasonic machine tool comes a few years in real work with its (three-shift system, often use a circumstance to fall) function enough proves afore-mentioned measure are effective. In use process, ultrasonic machine tool is OK with from adaptive control means (ADR) or acoustics control means (ACC) composition controls a system two kinds. When be being used with ADR couplet, the staff guage on the machine tool has the function that monitor, first-rate feed can come true in treatment. If be opposite demand of workpiece surface treatment is very high, need to use ACC to control fashion. Differ with the working way of ADR, ACC controls means to receive or monitor the acoustics process signal that workpiece issues. Intelligence changes control algorithm to take no account of occasional case and before experience, no matter be ADR or ACC,be to physics parameter undertakes metrical. Use ACC and ADR combination, can machine the effect with first-rate flexibility implementation. Beginning to machine level for example, give out by ADR as far as possible big feed, and the acoustics signal that in evening of exterior precision work automatic switch is ACC controls fashion. The Ultrasonic series that ULTRASONIC supersonic company offers has two kinds of norms, namely: X axis 350mm and X axis 500mm. The DECKEL MAHO company that is located in Sauer supplies main part for Ultraschal machine tool, wait like dynamo of Ultraschal main shaft, Ultraschall, oscillatory sensor and diamond cutting tool. Outside removing standard component, ULTRASONIC supersonic company returns complement to supply the special purpose accessory of Ultrasonic series machine tool, if be used at the manufacturing process of small treatment,wait. CNC Milling CNC Machining