Technology of high speed milling processes medium application in plastic mould

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At present plastic pattern has more and more exquisite, structure more and more complex, whole deputy pattern is exacter and exacter, the frequency combining a model that the mould asks is close to and exceed 800 thousand times, the hardness of the mould rolled steel that plastic die manufacturer of abroad uses is taller and taller, some exceeds HRC64 above even, and the date of delivery of the mould asks however shorter and shorter. These market characteristics brought huge pressure to die manufacturer. The occurrence of technology of high speed milling is made for the mould brought new development opportunity, be in especially medium or small huge advantage showed in treatment of accurate and plastic mould. Reduce plastic mould to process medium working procedure amount, shorten of the cutting of delivery time high speed of the mould efficient not only body reduces handling time of how many machine tool now, it is to reduce integral floor-to-floor time actually. Use higher cutting rate, the fewer mental allowance when finish machining, closer knife course and cut fewerly deep, go up in free curved surface especially (cut be in greatly commonly 0.

02 to 0.

1mm, if use diameter of petty cutting tool, like 0.


When 8mm diameter cutting tool, cut deep smaller to (0.


02mm) , what careful, close together knife course all can improve treatment appearance greatly commonly is bright and clean degree. Replace groovy slow heavy cut with fast and careful light cutting, can simplify greatly the following working procedure. For example manual polish time can shorten 60%-100% , also can reduce the working procedure of EDM and time, this kind managing had received real report in a lot of foreign die manufacturers. The stability of the dynamic balancing performance that the clear reason of the muscle that can machine Bao Bi and petty diameter cutting tool improved main shaft rotate speed and main shaft greatly at machine tool of high speed milling and machine tool, below same cutting tool diameter, attainable older cutting rate, can realize the treatment way of light cutting in cutting tool and workpiece surface so, reduce the cutting force of cutting area greatly. Can machine so 0.

The Bao Bi of 1mm above or muscle, at the same time clear to the roundlet horn of exact pattern root brings huge to go to the lavatory, amount to HRC54 in mould material hardness even, can use a diameter for 0.

The cutting tool of 3mm undertakes milling is operated. Can reduce the amount of electrode greatly so, also reduced discharge handling time at the same time. Before using high speed mill, use engraving tool to make electrode, the effect is not ideal. In treatment break a knife easily, treatment efficiency is low, bright and clean hardness of degree of material of low, treatment is low, the requirement of short of foreign trader. After using high speed milling, rose to machine quality and treatment efficiency greatly. The precision that raises treatment part and traditional cutting means photograph are compared, the type of set prescription of the form that cut bits of high speed milling is different, the quantity of heat of the majority of generation by cut bits to take away, quantity of heat won't gather in treatment area, walk along knife speed to want than groovy speed taking a knife at the same time many fast, quantity of heat more gather not easily, material heat is out of shape many small, carry the cutting condition that compares constant, ideal, assured the treatment precision of workpiece thereby. In treatment of additional explicit electrode, the electrode precision of treatment is tall, outline appearance consistency is good, bright and clean degree tall, electrode does not need polishing processing commonly, won't arise to affect the precision of workpiece as a result of manual polish, raised the production precision of the mould greatly thereby. Because the way that generation of high speed milling cuts bits differs and efficient electrode treatment and more effective discharge treatment machine the character that quantity of heat focuses not easily, machining cupreous electrode and black lead electrode when these material, can offer rapidder rate taking a knife, the material purify rate inside unit time is several times higher than groovy cutting, make the time of the rough machining of electrode and semifinishing machining shortens greatly, use high-speed light cutting in finish machining at the same time, closer, exact knife course, what raised electrode greatly is bright and clean degree, economic, cancelled polishing time even. In the treatment of black lead electrode with cutting tool very big wear extent, because applied PCD(diamond) the cutting tool of coating, reduced the wear extent of cutting tool greatly, make high speed mill is used to turn into in machining black lead electrode likelihood. In discharge treatment craft, use treatment of electrode of thick, essence generally at present, and the electrode that high speed cutting machines decreases or cancelled polishing work, make electrode discharge area consistent, raise surface contact, discharge clearance gains effective control, improved the efficiency of discharge. At the same time because can use smaller cutting tool diameter, make the mental allowance of the mould decreases, can cancel thick electrode consequently, reduced electrode amount and shortened the time that discharge machines. As the development of technology of milling of these a few years of high speed, the external environment of high speed milling is more and more perfect also. Of rotate speed of structure of knife handle, cooling system, machine tool, main shaft rise ceaselessly, the accumulation that uses a technology, make the sexual price of technology of high speed milling is compared taller and taller. The ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of cutting tool of high speed milling, be used of new coat, new technology ceaselessly, cutting material hardness rises ceaselessly, mould material can choose harder and harder data. The high speed milling cutter that drives a balance at present can the material of hard steel of temper by dipping in water that cutting exceeds HRC64, increased the number combining a model of the mould. The mould firm that has high speed machining center at present uses the rough machining that has large surplus, big cutting tool on general accuracy machine tool generally, have heat treatment next, semifinishing machining and precision work have on high speed machine tool finally, improving precision and efficiency while reduce finished cost as far as possible. CNC Milling CNC Machining