Laser of T3 of company of engineering of American automatic nicety dogs appearance

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API laser dogs appearance dogs compactly by a structure computer of head, notebook and join are whole cable composition of the system. Laser dogs the accuracy that the system measures basically is decided by the stability of beam of light. The laser of API research and development dogs appearance, laser is shot from the center directly, and use symmetrical type structure completely, disappear is out of shape besides heat the influence of pair of instrument precision. When laser is shot, the shortest way is best optical method, because this API laser dogs,appearance cancelled optical lens to reach on the transmission way of laser fiber-optic the effect that cause, this one design raised systematic precision, expanded dog appearance measures range, eliminated clean adjusted trouble regularly. In addition, thermal stability also is API laser dogs very a of appearance important characteristic, this product can get used to different temperature condition, achieve high accuracy to measure a purpose. CNC Milling CNC Machining