Implement UG and method of ANSYS interface connective

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Premise condition: Same system falls to install two kinds of software at the same time, and UG interface module should be chosen when ANSYS is installed, because ANSYS is in,this is the partial program that guides the meeting when UG model calls UG is setting environment variable next, UG and ANSYS had set some environments variable when installation, and some want a hand to move a setting (with ANSYS8.

0 with UG NX1.

0 for exemple) this variable installs ANSYS80v80ANSYSac4dataIntel" of ANSCON_CONFIG_DIR=" installation method Config.

Anscon configures the position of the file. If ANSYS80_DIR variable was set, this variable need not be set possibly, but it is good to suggest two variables must be set below everybody or setting (although UG is when installation,already set, still suggest everybody is checked) UGII_base_DIR (the installation catalog of UG) UGII_ROOT_DIR (UG is executable file (namely Ugraf.

Exe) catalog) even the catalog UG executable file (the value of UGII_ROOT_DIR) in adding systematic way, otherwise ANSYS is in guide fashionable what meeting clew cannot find UG is certain.

Dll file and cannot change. In addition, if be included in catalog uppercase, should install variable UGII_OPTION, its value is MIXED, LOWER or UPPER, recommend with MIXED. (this variable perhaps need not be set, everybody can try) after these jobs are finished, can guide.

Prt file (File>import>UG.



) . Appear one dialog box is as follows, need not explain, everybody looks to understand. The UG model that inputs as follows now the result that this is input hind, attention, this result is looked like is line model, model of substance of and rather than. The model that actually ANSYS guides is such. Do not believe big housekeeping money to draw line and picture substance command to try, look have why to differ. Everybody still can look from the back my model that divide a net. This is to guide the output information after the success: This is the model dividing a net that uses Solid45 unit: Still a bit need to explain, although adopt this kind of model that the method guides,also can not assure the integrality of 100% certainly. Make an example, UG and ANSYS differ as telling two kinds the person of the language, interface as the interpreter, interpreter is differ will surely communicate what the meaning of one party does not leak completely another. CNC Milling CNC Machining