Be based on WinCE embedded the design of systematic console and implementation

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The article introduced to be based on Wince embedded the design of systematic console and implementation. Console controls unit to have communication through Arcnet network and machine, implementation condition shows and parameter is installed. Communication of the interfacial design that introduced software part in detail, network and Wince system are custom-built. Operator console (OPC of the following abbreviation) it is the man-machine interface in nicotian packer equipment, whole system is based on Wince embedded operating system, used ARCNET network interface, realized as unit as packer device control character high speed communication, the real time sex that satisfied a system well, fast sex and dependability ask. 1, systematic brief introduction 1.

1, OPC of systematic work principle is received through ARCNET network come from packer group to control unit to convey the data that come, finish pursue without exception show, breakdown information calls the police wait for corresponding function; Accept the parameter that maintains staff to revise with set, transmit data packer group to control unit. Whole system has the following parts to comprise: Control interface of interface of unit, network, man-machine. Because amount of this system data processing is larger, so whole system should have very high traversal speed to reach compositive degree, integrated above considered to use the industrial control plate with rapidder rate; Network interface used the ARCNET net card of the PC104 interface of own design; Use for convenient user ground, man-machine interface used big screen liquid crystal to touch dominate screen. Systematic work principle is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph block diagram of principle of 1 system work 1.

2, ARCNET network ARCNET (Attached Resource Computer Network) the agreement is Datapoint company is rolled out at 70 time end, its function characteristic is special agree with to control needs and be able to apply successfully in industrial automation domain. Carry out a proof, ARCNET has reliability rate of tall, communication the characteristic such as function of tall, confirmable and telecommunication ability, it is technology of a kind of good spot bus line. Above all, spot bus line must the message can be finished to transmit inside the time of predefine. The your card that ARCNET place uses delivers an agreement to ensure this requirement can be satisfied on time. Next the message in spot bus line is short message normally, the data frame with ARCNET support alterable length (0-507 byte) , additional expense is little, plus its higher data rate (it is normally 2.

5Mbps) , make ARCNET right short message is had answer function goodly quickly. Its are main the characteristic is as follows: Of ① time but determinism; ② logistic annulus; ③ is automatic and respondent; ④ broadcast message; ⑤ reframes automatically. 2, Microsoft Windows CE of systematic software design is 32, compact, efficient with the operating system that can expand, apply to all sorts of embedded system and product. Type of the real time that it has multi-line Cheng, much task, determinism, complete race to control is first the operating system environment of class, face the hardware system that has limited natural resources only technically. In the meantime, its modular design means makes systematic development staff and application development personnel can come for varied product custom-built it, can the operating system that choice, combination and the module that configure Windows CE and component will come to found user edition, for example controller of client electron equipment, special industry and embedded communication equipment is waited a moment. Use EVC to design control software, the code memory that finishs finally gets stuck at CF in, reliability is high. 2.

1, of Wince operating system custom-built the stability that a favorable moving environment is deciding a program to move, a stable system also is need elaborate and custom-built with what cut out, microsoft offerred one a complete set of embedded systematic solution, as a result of it modular design and the support of a variety of interface, of the module of the least software of OK and custom-built contented demand and component embedded systematic platform, use lesser memory space to fulfil the function of target system, can use its tool Platform Builder (abbreviation PB) will come true. PB is development is based on Windows CE embedded the special development tool of the operating system. The article uses Windows CE. The Platform Builder 4 of Net. 2 configure pair of WinCE operating systems to undertake according to the hardware of target platform custom-built, the function that in deleting the system that develops in place, does not need piece, cut package, added feeling screen driver, make the image file that builds WinCE platform, make the system takes up least memory, next image file NK. Bin transplants the hardware platform of end equipment can. In the meantime, use Platform Builder derives in this the development on platform applies the SDK that program place needs. The need when custom-built system joins the drive that touchs screen, the system uses USB interface. The process is as follows: (1) in C dish build folder of a CEDB to put all documents of need into this folder; (2) moving PB develops an environment, in Project.

Add in Bib file: TouchKit.

Exe C:CEDBTouchKit.

Exe NK S DrawTest.

Exe C:CEDBdrawtest.

Exe NK S Calbration.

Exe C:CEDBcalbration.

Exe NK S UpdateEEPROM.


Exe NK S USBTouch.

Dll C:CEDBUsbTouch.

Dll NK SH Nextpage (3) editor Project.

Reg file, add in the file: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversTouchKit] "RBSIZE"=dword:800 "RBTIME"=dword:989680 "FLAGS"=dword:1"BeepFrequence"=dword:1F4 "BeepTime"=dword:64 "ZFilterThreshold"=dword:800 "ZFilterBound"=dword:00100001 "SoundType"=dword:0[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversUSBLoadClients14371_10_0_0255_255_255USB_TOUCH_Driver] "DLL"="USBTouch.

Dll" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversUSBLoadClients14371_20_0_0255_255_255USB_TOUCH_Driver] "DLL"="USBTouch.

Dll" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversUSBLoadClients4660_10_0_0255_255_255USB_TOUCH_Driver] "DLL"="USBTouch.

Dll" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversUSBLoadClients3823_10_0_0255_255_255USB_TOUCH_Driver] "DLL"="USBTouch.

Dll" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDriversUSBLoadClients3823_20_0_0255_255_255USB_TOUCH_Driver] "DLL"="USBTouch.

Dll" (4) compile and make systematic file. 2.

2 application programming the applied program of this interface has on the PC. Its develop platform is EVC4. Environment of 0 compositive development, before applied process is developed, use Platform Builder4 above all. The 2 SDK that found this platform to go up guide the person arrives EVC4. 0 in, next from EVC4. The environment of 0 chooses a custom-built platform in list, the development that can have applied a program next, debug reach moved. The functional module of man-machine interface basically includes a machine to pursue without exception show, parameter setting interface, configuration interface, data statistic interface. This system is to use to be based on advocate the applied process of the dialog box, each different functions are used child the dialog box will behave. Advocate the dialog box basically completes initialization network card, start receive data line Cheng and call other child dialog box. When the job, console (on abbreviation machine) basically receive packer group to send the systematic information that come to show, for example breakdown of the working status of each machine, test point. In the meantime, receive an user to parameter revise and send control instruction message to control unit, this one function passes user feeling to go up the feeling screen of a machine will finish. Go up news report has between a machine and control unit through ARCNET network. Systematic flow chart is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph 2 systems flow chart 2.

3Because ARCNET communication agreement is completed by the in-house integrated circuit of COM20020,ARCNET network software is designed, because the development of this communication software basically is reflected,go up in application software, basically include 2 shares: The initialization of chip is transmitted with what data wraps. ① initialization is ordinal. Decide the working way of bus line above all, must surprise mediumly in COM20020 memory space positional random is made a few read keep an operation (when COM20020 electrify, in-house register can be read to write) . Write into to be not 0 values to will activation in NODE ID register the core component of COM20020, but whether can be NODE ID register operated to be decided by Setup register, all Setup register should be written above all. After be written into to be not 0 values in Node ID register (node address must be unique network ability works normally) , the core component of COM20020 will be activationed, the TX Enable that installs Configuration register next for 1. The transmission that ② data wraps. The last place that because COM20020 data wraps the available data in the structure to be put in data,includes, use rise very no-go, the format is wrapped to bale according to user data above all in this system data, call function to include user data next changeover includes a form for COM20020 data, put send buffer inside. When accepting data to wrap, interrupt through receiving read access to occupy from buffer, do a contrary processing process, it is changeover of COM20020 data bag bag of user format data. Data wraps a format to if the graph is shown 3 times,be changed. Graph format of 3 data bag changes sketch map 3.

Epilogue is based on Wince embedded the application with the design successful already development of operator console of the system, the status that achieved whole packer system well shows and control. Classics experiment, satisfy user and design requirement. Author: Wang Guolin CNC Milling CNC Machining