Appearance of MFU800 high accuracy and position error measuring instrument

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German horse Er (Mahr) product of metric equipment company, have following characteristics:  has 3 high accuracy to measure an axis: Circularity measures linearity of axial C, perpendicular direction to measure axial Z and horizontal way linearity to measure axial X. Each axis has system of high accuracy grating. The parameter of  measurable assess: Radial and circularity, jumpy, axial is jumpy, homocentric degree, coaxial is spent, radial is complete completely jumpy, cylinder spends jumpy, axial, linearity, parallelism, verticality, gradient, flatness, taper, outline is spent, conic appearance, diameter. Accord with the assess means that the standard provides and filter wave means. Electric machinery drive measures head component to make the essence of the apogee that measure a head move. T6W of electric machinery drive measures sensor change to measure way. Electric machinery drive measures an axis each implementation is full automatic detect. Automation CNC makes workpiece move heart and attune to tilt. Can deploy system of pneumatic pilot vibration isolation. CNC Milling CNC Machining