Installation of line cut machine tool reachs numerical control electric spark make

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Numerical control electric spark line cut machine tool, this product machines " principle according to " discharge, combine digital automata and computation and technology, and the Electromechanical unifinication product of the design. Bed of this product extension and control ark two big module, each have independent character. One, machine tool part: Wear electric equipment of device of fluid of part, job, machine tool to wait for component composition by device of silk of workbench of lathe bed, coordinate, carry, line. 1) lathe bed component uses cast-iron an organic whole of high grade HT250 to shape, have integral steel sex tall, it is good that precision maintains a gender, exterior design accords with human body engineering. Undertake cankerous amounting to tasting acceptable standard through be being handed in when compasses is empty. 2) the slideway that A of   of coordinate workbench component, workbench moves and lathe bed slideway, use heat treatment to be out of shape little GCr15 bearing steel, whole quenchs. Workbench motion uses force to seal type slideway form, servo is used 0.

75 ° scarcely perceptible pulse takes electric machinery drive to the pace one accurate positive drive - lever of accurate ball silk is communicated, make the frequency of workbench feed corresponding, grind character of obstruction, static state is in groove, have more expensive workbench campaign to defend a precision, workbench procrastinates board use muscle of word of " rice " board, have enough tigidity. B, common model the machine tool uses V path track under DK77/40, accurate, be able to bear or endure, the machine tool structure of DK77/50 above and tall general accuracy machine tool are different, use plane to glide roller path course, basically be wear-resisting, press press and large weight (the machine tool bearings inside limits) and the precision that won't affect a machine tool, life and path course wear away. Main function: Tall, wear-resisting, changeless form, life grows hardness. C, use the roller between planar path course, it is a kind of hardness tall, wear-resisting, surface bear press big rigid standard fittings, assured the life of the machine tool and precision thereby. 3) power of carry silk engine uses self-given type guide, nice silk lever - positive drive, motion is smooth, without noise. Filar canister uses data of seamless steel tube of 1Cr13 stainless steel, positive and negative uses stretch shaft coupling to movement, effectively amortize is handed in change stress, bearing of filar canister double bearing, eliminated the vibration of carry silk component, assure athletic precision. 4) the line wears a component: The span that the line wears, rise automatically fall can adjust arbitrarily (100 - 500) between millimeter, the tigidity that pillar line wears is good. And the verticality of molybdenum silk, the line wears around but fine tuning is whole. Design extent of frequency of escape movement vibration, too diametical guide pulley rotates relaxed and smooth. 5) component of working fluid box: Working fluid filters 2 times, circular loop is fluent, nozzle discharge size is adjusted convenient, how does ministry of working fluid one's store of valuables have turn on the water device. 6) machine celebrate electric equipment part: Carry silk inverting uses silicon controlled rectifier, make disconnect without contact inverting high frequency lead puts through frequency lag, increase dependability. 2, the workmanship of the machine tool is advanced: Big, cast (lathe bed, procrastinate board, carry silk, line wearing, pillar) all use the ageing treatment that enter industry 2 times, slideway heat treatment after temper by dipping in water is hard, undertake frozen processing, apply force and deflection effectively into what dominate data. The treatment of crux spare parts, it is quality reference point certainly (like line wearing, guide pulley canister of aperture, line, left and right sides bear bearing of around of lever of silk of aperture, ball, gear case aperture) , use the treatment of coordinate pig bed of high accuracy, filar canister and filar canister axis use the circle outside high accuracy to grind treatment, the coaxial that assured a spare parts is spent, of machine tool precision detect, press national level strictly, the motion of machine tool workbench complementary degree, use feet of optical strain line and reading microscope to measure, overall leave factory by the standard controls inside the enterprise. 3, control ark: Control ark cent is: } of system of process designing of system of A numerical control is chosen can realize time-sharing pilot (control of cut of line of YH plot type, system of an organic whole of automatic process designing)   of power source of high frequency pulse of C of   of system of drive of servo of     B 1.

Digital control system is to press the principle that compares law rice road to fill stage by stage to be opposite coordinate of the X of line cut machine tool, Y, U, V undertakes signal of each control, pulse, workbench feed is 1um (0.

001mm) system of   process designing uses process designing of type of plot of look forward to, the dimension that presses bid be gettinged on by treatment hardware design is constructive on computer screen, can finish automatic process designing, output 3B or program of ISO code cut, all process designing, need a mouse only achievable, the process is intuitionistic and clear, can show a figure, youzhongyingwen contrasts clew, with play menu giving form and pushbutton operation, the ISO code after process designing or 3B program can be outputted print, punch or input line cut controller directly, machine of control line cut should. 2, servo drive basically uses power of interface circuit → to magnify pace of → of circuit of → current limliting enters electric machinery is all computer fill according to weaving the program has difference, give out feed pulse through operation, classics interface circuit uses 24V drive power source, pace of drive machine tool enters electric machinery. 3, power source of high frequency pulse: Power source of high frequency pulse comprises basically: A) pulse generator -- it is pulse power source, it is to be used adjust F of frequency of pulse of benefit of T0 of interval of pulse of pulse width T1. B) promote form -- undertake putting a person with the pulse signal that issues to pulse generator, increase the power that outputs pulse. C) result put -- it is to will drive the pulse letter that class place provides to undertake enlarge, provide enough pulse voltage and electricity to undertake the scintilla when cut discharges between workpiece and molybdenum silk. 4, controller production is made, be opposite by the requirement a choose and buy is main yuan of parts of an apparatus, computer lead plane undertakes ageing tests 48 hours, assemble by procedure, detect debug cent to imitate detects and detect with machine tool debugging on-line 2 kinds, raised the dependability of the product adequately. Device characteristic and machine tool of cut of line of specification of form a complete set and number controller two big module, each have independent character. One, machine tool but to it the controller of form a complete set has: 1) veneer machine controller   2)   of system of computer process designing, transmission veneer 3) controller of unifinication of computer plot process designing 2, the main characteristic of machine tool and controller is: 1) can ask to provide 5 looks according to the user 10 pat or three-phase the 6 noise that pat control means to reduce a machine tool; 2) high frequency in group pulse, receive diverse demand to be able to realize cut of thick, essence to machine   3) coordinate, workbench uses electric machinery of servo of small pulse drive. The cut that increases a machine tool effectively machines precision ≤ 0.

01mm     4) product model accords with human body engineering,   of beautiful, rigid tall, downy an organic whole 5) choose two kinds of different kind to receive report, can get used to nonferrous metal cut to machine CNC Milling CNC Machining