Rigid scheme innovation designs the research of process model

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Design of plan of 0 foreword machinery is the activity with a very strong creativity, its thinking process is the result that thinking in images and collaboration of abstract thinking put together use. At present CAD (CAD) basically solved the design waits in computation and plot the follow-up phase support to the architect. And the headway that the computer support of the inchoate plan design phase to extremely rich creativity did not gain materiality up to now. Even if intelligent CAD system, the knowledge that the theoretical foundation of uses method still is the artificial intelligence that is based on a tradition expresses with inferential method, namely logistic thinking is a foundation, come true with the method of knowledge engineering and expert system more among them. The simple combination of this kind of CAD and AI, did not realize plan impossibly also to design automation from real significance. If why is creativity reflected in plan design process it is the thorny issue that perplexes a design to study worker theoretically all the time, also did not solve well all the time, this one problem makes article put up with be discussed. The common procedure that 1 rigid scheme devises thinks commonly, plan design phase basically has two jobs: It is the functional structure that builds technical system above all. Carry an option next corresponding the functional carrier of every function in functional structure, the functional carrier that combines these to be chosen forms the design plan of whole technology system. General design thinks theoretically, plan design process can state for two map process (graph 1) : Namely user demand region arrives to the map of functional region and functional region the map of structural region. By demand region can reflect the architect's creativity most to the map process of functional region, this one process involves pair of design thinking rules and level of creativity mechanism recognition, involve natural language to arrive of professional technology language change. Although some scholars put forward to undertake through asking to the design administrative levels is decomposed,will build the discussion of functional structure plan, but undertake through artificial interpose even commonly. Arrive from the function structural map, it is each cent that functional structure pursues medium actually function and the structure that can achieve a function this minutes undertake matching, usually, overall function often is including a lot of cent functions. And each function can come true by different structure, because this exists combination, harmonious the problem that chooses with the evaluation. If the graph is shown 2 times,specific mechanical plan designs a process. Graph process of map of 1 plan design pursues the process of rigid scheme design that graph of process of design of 2 rigid scheme shows 2 times still can pass mathematical form to have a description. Set overall function to be U, it is dissoluble for a few child function, decompose a process but formal melt into: U = (U1, u2, ... Um) (1) namely overall function is to have UI of M stature function (I = 1, 2, ... M) of composition. Any child functional UI (I = 1, 2, ... , m) corresponding move can fulfil this minutes of function child gather TI of the structure, namely TI = (TI1, TI2, ... , tin) (I = 1, 2, ... , m) (2) the Tij in type (J = 1, 2, ... , n) corresponding at can be being finished child of functional UI all child structure, n is finish this child of the function child structural gross. If use UI definition travel, tij forms matrix for the element, get function and structural photograph connection namely " function, structural technology matrix " : (3) can come true of course each child of the function child structural number is not equal, can aux will be able to realizes some quite child of the function most child structural number is N surely, count less at this child functional element with 0 express. The common procedure of the mechanical square design that the graph describes 2 times, look very simple, but computer fact has a lot of problems to need to solve. If how is general function decomposed,be child how is function, function conveyed (conveying a vocabulary because of the function that puts forward from different point of view is not identical) and how to index effectively according to the function child the problem such as the structure remains to be discussed further and study. 2 since be based on synthetic method of mutation of orgnaization structure type to talk theory to be designed at the orgnaization by application first from 60 time plan, it gets thorough research in the application of orgnaization analysis and integrated respect. In graph talking, the graph that close represents an orgnaization, acme represents connecting rod, the edge represents kinematic pair. The graph can use matrix (like abut matrix and associated matrix) express, analysis and computation. 1979, freudenstein and Maki put forward " function and structure are separate " the method is used at the orgnaization integrated, subsequently a lot of scholars undertake consider and be deepeninged to law of this one party. This method includes a few following segment: 2. The 1 demand according to the user, put forward orgnaization innovation to design the task and technical requirement: (1) develop attacks structural demand if motility pledges (planar motion or spatial motion) , basic loop is counted (or independent annulus amount) , the component part type of type of kinematic pair type and amount, component and amount, active deputy type and its position and frame; (2) if functional sex requirement exports the job of component part of component part amount and its position, each output (if orbit is generated, function is generated, guide bring and other requirement, contented pair of booked speed and acceleration requirement, contented the kinetic performance demand to orgnaization whole; (3) if tie condition moves compact sex, stiffness, mechanical benefit, axis sells precision, structure action is turned over force and make, assemble, the tie of the respect such as cost. 2. The whole structure type that 2 structures type lists through structural type contented design task asks integratedly integratedly represents with proper form. 2. 3 actor choose structural type basis to the function asks and restrain a condition, the sieve singles out good structural kind. This method studies confine is in at present the structural type of planar linkage mechanism is integrated, and average concentration is the same as compose identifying, freedom to spend in kinematic chain identify method and planar kinematic chain to be generated automatically wait for academic method to study level. Although have the research report of a few application, but it is to be aimed at simple orgnaization (if change orgnaization of stroke engine piston, door open orgnaization) come true through artificial means. Computer implementation still has a few crucial technologies to do not have very effective method, if kinematic chain is the same as compose identifying problem, active deputy position of the group of affirmatory, staff of position of affirmatory, frame differentiate automatically and undertake evaluating filtration waiting for a problem to kinematic chain. If the model of process of plan innovation design of inference of 3 compositive functions and structural inference is described with artificial intelligence language, the common procedure that the mechanical plan that discusses in afore-mentioned the 1st bar devises is to be based on functional inference means, and the synthetic method of mutation of orgnaization structure type that discusses in the 2nd bar is to be based on structural inference means. These two kinds of means have its immanent connection, how these two kinds of means organic ground connection is together to be designed to rigid scheme innovation is a very significant work. Functional inference basically solves a function to arrive the map between the structure, through structural part assorted approach forms mechanical plan. And structural inference is the develop from structural part attacks deduce through the orgnaization on the structure (frame commutation, commutation of driving link position and commutation of kinematic pair type) the way undertakes mutating innovating to the orgnaization, although at present structural deduction limit is in type of structure of planar linkage mechanism is integrated, but the research that carries the article, this method can expand to machinery of general rigid body plan innovation is designed. Because of this, the market that if the graph is shown 3 times,the author offers is successful can the rigid scheme innovation of inference and structural inference designs process model. Graph model of process of design of innovation of 3 rigid scheme should design process model to comprise by the following and main measure: Step   1: Functional structure pursues build. The basis designs a requirement, build functional structure to pursue. Step   2: According to built functional knot composition of a picture, search satisfy each child carrier combines the function that the function asks to be primitive and rigid scheme. Step   3: Will original mechanical plan undertakes abstract melt into conveys rigid scheme to join the kinematic chain of information expresses. Record original plan information of a few ties, if number of number of degrees of freedom, lever, driving link must be component part of a few pairs of lever, output,must be linked together with frame etc. Step   4: Kinematic chain diverge. List all as denotive as abstraction kinematic chain to have identical freedom to spend, of lever deputy type and lever number be different from compose kinematic chain, undertake filtration. Step   5: Rigid scheme yuan model of collect generate. Undertake to filtration kinematic chain group of frame identifying, driving link identifying, staff identifies, form the mechanical program that uses connecting rod and rotational deputy expression yuan model. Step   6: Await those who choose program volume to generate. The mechanical plan that makes above yuan model replace through the type, form await choose program volume. Step   7: The evaluation of plan is decision-making. Get optimal program. Step   8: The measure of plan is comprehensive. Intelligence of design of innovation of 4 rigid scheme supports systematic basis the process model of above, we developed rigid scheme innovation to design intelligence to support systematic MCIDISS. Systematic structure is shown 4 times like the graph. This system comprises by 5 big module: Graph system of 4   MCIDISS is overall structural   (1) the primitive and rigid scheme that is based on example function inference creates module: This module introduces the model of inference of two class example, finish what pursue to functional structure from design task to build and device extraction and the mission that set harmonious design to make primitive and mechanical plan. (2) the plan that is based on structural inference designs innovation module: This module above on the foundation of the primitive and mechanical program that module produces, express through abstraction, expression of will original mechanical plan is generalization kinematic chain, attack from rigid scheme develop undertake mutating innovating on connection. (3) evaluate decision-making module: The design solution that main task is pair of each phase undertakes this module the evaluation is decision-making. The system basically uses faintness to evaluate decision-making method integratedly. (4) orgnaization measure is comprehensive module: The orgnaization parameter that main task is rigid to composition scheme undertakes this module integrated, so that prove the feasibility of plan from measure. (5) athletic analysis reachs emulation module: This module is to be after measure of the orgnaization that finish is comprehensive, undertake athletic analytic mixing emulation to its, so that make,the architect has a clear and intuitionistic knowledge to devises plan. 5 last words the article first brief analysed rigid scheme to devise the common procedure with common procedure and orgnaization structure integrated type, on this foundation, the rigid scheme innovation that consider and raised compositive function inference and structural deduction designs process model. Be based on the process model that offers, the author developed rigid scheme innovation to design intelligence to support archetypal system MCIDISS. MCIDISS is developed and move make clear, its have reasonable knowledge base structure, moving circumstance is stable, user interface is friendly, inferential control is politic and quick, because this is had very good practical with taller development efficiency. 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