The metal shapes reach solution of coating of punch mould PVD

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Coining Die, reduction Of Wear And Sticking By Maxit®CrN-mod Coating.

Use Maxit®The coin drift of CrN-mod coating, can solve effectively wear away and the problem of material conglutinate. Forging Dies For Making Of Connecting Rod, plasmanitrided And Maxit®CrN Coated For Reducing Abrasive Wear.

Mould of connecting rod v is changed through ionic nitrogen with Maxit®CrN coating can decrease wear away.   of Reduction Of Lubricant And Improved Service Lifetime By Polishing And Maxit®CrN Coating passes polishing and Maxit®The use that CrN coating can reduce lubricant and prolong service life. High Stress of Nextpage     , friction Between Die And Material, sticking And Cold Welding Are The Main Factors That Affect The Quality And Service Lifetime Of Metal Forming And Blanking Dies.

Polishing And Maxit®Coatings Are Good Solutions To Solve The Problems Above In Mass Production.

Tall stress, material sheds kinetic friction, material felt, cold welding is to affect a metal to shape the main factor of mould quality stability and life. Polishing and PVD coating are the efficient way of the problem in solving afore-mentioned production. The abrasive that   of Abrasive Wear Protection By High Hardness Coating; reduces working surface through the tall hardness of coating wears away   of Reduction Of Chemical Reactions Between Tool And Material; of;     reduces mould and treatment generation chemistry reacts   of Reduction Of Cold Welding Tendency; of;     reduces   of Perfect Surface Quality; of   of   of; of cold welding tendency to maintain working surface to be in Lower Lubricant Consumption By Lower Friction Coatings of   of   of good position; between material.

Come to those who reduce lubricant use up through coating of low coefficient of friction. CNC Milling CNC Machining