American development goes can see atomic electron microscope

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The researcher of national laboratory is in American oak mountain to survey atomic world in order to achieve the resolution of the record clearly, the electron microscope that excogitates because of them can can differentiate the atom of the appearance of individual, dumbbell of crystal giving silicon. Electron microscope of laboratory of oak mountain state studies Sidifen Pengnikuke says the chief of the group: "Every time you can more when seeing some kind of thing clearly, so you can know a few secrets. " Cooke and its work in the same placing are in Peng Ni " science " say in an article on the magazine, they observe atomic picture resolution already was achieved 0.

6 dust, broke laboratory of oak mountain state some earlier this year 0 what moment just founds.

7 dust the record that image differentiate and analyse leads. Dust be spectral line wavelengh most subsection. One dust 1/500000 be diameter of person hair silk merely about. Most atomic diameter has 1 only about dust. Cooke says Peng Ni: "We are being crossed enter a originally cannot the threshold that look forward to reachs, inside first time of our throughout history saw atom clearly truly. " Cooke expresses Peng Ni, the capacity that has observation material to combine a course below atomic level may industry of great stimulative semiconductor, chemistry and the development that new material develops. The silicon atom picture that use electron microscope of laboratory of oak mountain state saw with gules dumbbell figure appears, the resolution of image was achieved 0.

78 dust. Cooke says Peng Ni: "This is we are obtained first under dust the clear evidence of resolution. " a lab that laboratory of oak mountain state is subordinate of American energy department. The research group that by Peng Ni Cooke heads has used the most advanced electron microscope of a kind of 300 thousand bend over, again complementary one kind when hold company development high with American Buddhist nun calls new-style like poor amendatory computerization to become like the technology, undertake study to atom. Gram of Peng Ni library says this kind of resolution amends a technology to be able to give 26 lens focus at the same time. Cooke says Peng Ni: "This research is a positive result that has historical sense truly, because 50 years the scientist was having the research of this respect all the time in the past, just just prove in the last few years this kind of technology is feasible truly. " 5 years ago, created below the case that national laboratory was not using oak mountain to amend a technology like difference 1.

3 dust the world record of picture resolution. And this year some earlier moment, this lab is used created again like wrong correction technology 0.

7 dust the world record of picture resolution. Researcher calls them next target will be atom observes below three dimensional space. CNC Milling CNC Machining