The high temperature high pressure of boracic diamond of high grade mix into is synthesized

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The article uses the summary homebred 6 tops press, below condition of high temperature high pressure, it is certain to use accelerant of iron nickel powder to add synthesis of proportional boracic pink gave single crystal of boracic diamond of high grade mix into. Observe discovery through optical lens, boracic diamond of complex mix into is black more 68 body, brilliant body is whole, granuality is even; Use scanning report lens (the microcosmic form appearance that SEM) analysed mix into boracic diamond. Study the result makes clear: Complex surface of crystal of boracic diamond of 68 body mix into body of smooth, level off, brilliant is whole degree tall, reach the {100}+{111} area in V form area asks the actor brilliant division of mix into boracic diamond. Boracic diamond of mix into of high pressure of keyword high temperature is microcosmic form appearance Synthesis Of High Quality Boron -- Doped Diamond Crystals At HPHTAbstract In This Paper, high Quality Boron, Doped Diamond Crystals Were Synthesized From The SvsteIn Of Fe, Based Alloy And Graphite With Additive Boron At High Pressure And High Tern, Perature(HPHT)in Cubic Press. The Resuh Shows That The Morphology Of Diamond Crystals Is Black Cub, Octahedral, crystal Intact, uniform Particle Size. The Diamond Crystals Are Charac, Terized Bv Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) . It Is Found That The Surface Mowhology Of B0 ' Ron, Doped DiamoIlds Is Flat And Complete, and The Growth Region Of{100 T+{111 F Is Suit ' Able For Tile Growth Of High Quality Boron, ? Doped Diamond. Key Words HPHT Boron, the growth that Li of high pressure of high temperature of foreword of Doped Diamond Morphology1 synthesizes diamond artificially includes a lot of foreign matter part in the environment, impurity of wh some of which is OK in order to replace a form or go in order to lap bodily form type is entered in diamond. Different impurity is different to the function influence of diamond. Boron is the commonner foreign matter element in diamond, the trail that can discover it constantly in natural diamond... . When the boron that certain amount contains in diamond, the optics that can change diamond, heat, chemical, electricity and mechanical wait for property. Make in optical respect crystal contains color, the addition of boracic content is followed in diamond, crystal criterion by red of maize graduate palm, gray, blue, till turn into black; In heat respect, make diamond is had fight oxidisability, hear resistance and thermal conductivity exceedingly goodly; In electricity respect, make diamond turns into by dielectric P semiconductor, still have half metal conductivity even; In chemical respect, mix into boracic diamond but cutting iron a group of things with common features material; In mechanical nature field, tenacity of the wearability of diamond, concussion, compressive strength all has increase. Had shown its wide application perspective in different domain accordingly, aroused the interest of numerous investigator thereby. However, as the addition of boracic impure quantity, easier synthesis gives the octahedral diamond that contain boron, what synthesize the increase of crystal surface blemish that give. The article analyses pressure and temperature from inside the V form area that synthesizes diamond two elements are boracic to containing the influence of diamond brilliant form and form appearance, the synthesizes parameter tone conformity that passes pair of diamond is become piece high grade 68 body contain boracic diamond. The microcosmic form appearance that we use what special technology synthesis gives above to contain boracic diamond to collecting undertook SEM token, discover body of crystal surface level off, brilliant is whole degree tall. What this labour oppose works at containing boracic diamond is farther begin the referenced value with having fundamental. 2 tests test is in homebred SPD6 × 1200 model undertake on 7200 tons of 6 tops press. Iron radical alloy is pulverous (200 eye) make catalyst solvent, pink of scale shape black lead (200 eye) the source that make carbon, use high pure boracic pink makes additive. Synthetic condition is 5. 0GPa, one 1700K of 1450K. After black lead of iron radical accelerant, scale and right amount boracic pink mix equably by certain proportion, squelch synthetic club expects, good suppress good stuff is assembled in pyrophyllite in synthetic piece. Pyrophyllite synthesizes a course before be being assembled 300 ℃ roast is handled with eliminate among them adsorptive moisture. The sample after we are synthesized to high temperature high pressure undertakes acerbity place is played. Take out stone implement and metal. The synthetic pressure of this experiment is a basis bismuth (Bi) , barium (Ba) , thallic (the high-pressured photograph of T1) changes the curve deciding award of bit of builds oil pressure and the pressure with in-house housing undertakes demarcate, synthesizing temperature is a basis Rh of Pt 6 % , the relation curve of the power input that thermocouple of Rh of Pt 30 % determines and temperature undertakes demarcate. 3 results and analysis 3. The characteristic of V form area that boracic diamond of 1 mix into grows adds the addition of the quantity as boron, the growth of face of growth diamond {111} brilliant interval broadens gradually, and the growth of {100} and {100}+{111} brilliant face the area asks corresponding narrow, when boron adds certain amount {100} face disappears almost, and the growth of {100}+{11l} brilliant face interval becomes very narrow accordingly, grows crystal is the octahedron that {11l} brilliant face develops is predicted almost " . The change of the V form area of diamond is shown 1 times like the graph, when adding boron, the growth of {100} and {100}+{11l} brilliant face interval is wider, add the addition of the quantity as boron, they gradually the left deflection to V form area. The growth of face of {100}+ {111} brilliant the area that interval places by place of two dotted line in the graph turns into shadow region region, the growth of {100} brilliant face interval photograph meet an emergency is small, the growth of {111} brilliant face what interval changes is wider. Graph area of form of V of stone of cut of boracic gold of 1 mix into changes do not fear eye Fi91 Scherne Of The NloVement Of V, Shape Region Of BoIoll, Doped Diamond 3. Because the synthesis of the 2 high grade diamond that contain boron increases the V form area that diamond grows to produce change as what contain boracic amount in synthetic sample, easier synthesis gives the octahedron that {111} face develops. Although the growth of crystal {111} face rate is slower, but crystal surface blemish is more, and the growth of {100} face rate is rapid, produce limitation easily also. So this literary grace goes out with special craft synthesis high grade the diamond containing boron of 68 body. By the graph 2 in A of optical microscope photograph can see, crystal is black octahedron more, integral granuality is inhomogenous, brilliant body is whole degree low, the surface extremely not smooth. By the photograph B can be seen, crystal is black 68 body, integral granuality is even, brilliant body is whole, the surface is slick level off. Graph C is the SEM photograph of the crystal in graph A. The crystal face that can see octahedron apparently extremely body of not smooth, brilliant is whole degree low, each {11l} brilliant have serious flaw on the face, have bigger triangle indentation, also have a lot of irregular indentation. Graph D is the SEM photograph of the crystal in graph B. Surface of the crystal in can seeing each brilliant faces of 68 body compare graph C apparently body of smoother, level off, brilliant is whole degree taller. Each brilliant faces have crystal rarely triangular indentation or irregular indentation. Graph the optical photograph of boracic diamond of 2 mix into (A, B) and SEM photograph (C, d)Fi92 0ptical Photographs(a, B)and SEM Photographs(c, D)of Boron Doped Diamond Crystals measures the circumstance with constant pressure of certain, synthesis to fall in boracic accretion, when the temperature in synthesizing housing is low, complex crystal is hexahedral, crystal grows faster, the wrap up style in entering crystal is more; When the temperature in synthesizing housing is high, complex crystal is octahedron, crystal grows speed comes down relatively slow, but because boron enters diamond to have brilliant side alternative, enter crystal the most easily along {111} face namely, same meeting brings about crystal surface to a large number of blemish increase. Accordingly, the growth of boracic diamond of our basis mix into characteristic, the growth that discovers boracic diamond of high grade mix into interval is narrower, in the {100}+{11l} interval of V form area. 4 conclusion (the single crystal of mix into boracic diamond that 1) synthesis gave 68 put oneself in another's position, predict from microcosmic form appearance - should excel is hexahedral the diamond of mix into boron with octahedron; (The growth of boracic diamond of 2) high grade mix into interval is narrower, in the {100}+{111} interval of V form area. CNC Milling CNC Machining