Anhui farmer should build " of aircraft of form of UFO " dish to win national patent

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County of desolate of city of old state of the Anhui province has a farmer to call Du Wenda, he has ability school diploma only, however the vehicle that an idea wants to develop a kind to be able to hold a person " UFO " . Begin from last year, he loses a family fortune the individual is contributive many yuan 40, add on 20 many epigone to raise fund in all 740 thousand yuan, arrived to be immersed in economic predicament at present, go to school even the son should lend money... public opinion in an uproar is caused after his story classics CCTV broadcasts, the expert inside industry of a few aviation thinks " his ' UFO ' at best is only small make " , "If do not have enough technical support and economic support, executive difficulty is very great " ; Return somebody to think, "The money of investor hits water to float likely " . To walk out of predicament is mixed oneself prove in public opinion pressure, du Wenda decides to be being taken " UFO " small model attends to will be held in Zhuhai on November 1 " aviation of China International Zhuhai is exhibited " . ■ should build can enter the space the Du Wenda of farmer of Anhui of tool holding a person that can dive should make " UFO " be such: A kind of muti_function vehicle holding a person, enter the space smoothly, descend surely, can change direction with aleatoric angle and advance, still can dive even. Basically use alleviate the traffic in big city. Du Wenda's imagination is very bold, sound resembling a bit is fantasy, dan Duwen is amounted to can not be to make day dream just, he should turn into it reality. Although he has ability school diploma only, also had sufferred the opposition of the wife; Although he already was drawn out empty all savings, the money that the child goes to school is borrowed; Although a professor of northing the sources of energy and kinetic department says " Du Wenda's UFO just also enters the space, want to control Ping Fei or bend circles of what, that is absolutely is impossible " ; Although media such depict -- , " 40 farmers collect 500 thousand yuan, support him to build ' UFO ' thing more this myth added a few minutes of solemn and stirring color " ...   but the be repentant after Du Wenda is done not have. He says sturdily to the reporter, "Make according to my theory ' UFO ' the model had flown early 2002, I feel to hold a few important facets such as strength of good engine power, data and appearance craft again, this experiment should can successful! " and the person that provided strong economic support to Du Wenda says: "Go after loaves and fishes, contented reality, lack to imagine the person of ability is everywhere socially now, and like Du Wenda such person is not much, -- , so I should support him. "     ■ " the scorned us self-respect of some people "   today, a 4 people such as Du Wenda will be driven go to Zhuhai, those who attend biennially to be held " exposition of China International aerospace " . Du Wenda tells a reporter, "Exhibit to Zhuhai ginseng originally not be inside the plan, but we lack capital now, facing the pressure of social public opinion again, hope to be exhibited through joining so, encounter the co-worker that agrees with us. " the reporter since the CCTV at the beginning of October has interviewed   after Du Wenda, in he and his development " UFO " encountered unprecedented public opinion pressure, "Having many people encourage us, also having a few scorn us, they feel, farmer information is lacked most, capital is the most fragile, what good thing can you make come? Capital can hit water to float for certain. Say these words hurt our pride a bit really. Have a few days, we feel breath is difficult. "     " it is under force of double weigh of spirit and economy, we straightened train of thought afresh, the decision drives those who make small model prepare to attend to will be held in Zhuhai on November 1 ' aviation of China International Zhuhai is exhibited ' , seek collaboration and self-identity. "     ■ already spent 400 thousand yuan to accumulate Du Wenda to say his 11 years old to be confused through reader of general of one undergraduate course went up dish form aircraft, but the job that after be brought up, pursues follows " UFO " differ too far -- , after graduating from school of desolate county ability, he was enrolled to enter local colliery 1990, follow a master to do Electromechanical to maintain the job, later because the technology is excellent, be recruited to become technician by machinery plant of Xuzhou North Jiangsu. But make " UFO " the dream did not die out all the time, for research of many bits of time, he goes helping a person make decoration. Height of a co-worker says, although Du Wenda has ability school diploma only, but he is in mechanical respect is gifted, "1995, he was invented ' mine bamboo rake piece automatic pigheaded loom ' , win a business that Jiangsu sold after the country is patent, earned 180 thousand yuan; September 2002, he confirmed himself with experimental result and technical data again ' dish form aircraft ' academic, also won national patent. " before winning national patent, du Wenda had made what can fly " UFO " model. Can hold a person for development " UFO " , this year in June, du Wenda established science and technology of annulus eaves UFO finite institute and research base. Be in early last year March, du Wenda and a few co-worker begin to buy raw material and the data that collect the research UFO that concerns domestic and internationally. Till now, du Wenda concentrated 27 people, piece together ground prepared everybody 740 thousand yuan capital, among them what Du Wenda throws is most, the whole thing already bend uses up many yuan 40 saving. ■ had sufferred derisive, get into trouble is built " UFO " the difficulty that will one this year encounter is Du Wenda only then makings not as good as. Duwen amounts to calm bear, "I also considered difficulty so, but feel should not very big, but a lot of difficulty in actual process arrive without anticipation really. " the difficulty with the greatest   comes from capital. Du Wenda throws the saving that comes for years went in, "I feel won't beautiful too much money, the price that did not think of a lot of material exceeds my estimation. And, because hold a person, must want to do ruinous test, and this destroyed many component, expenditure is very big. " the most difficult when, du Wenda wants repay a debt to want to shop again already, "The wife brabbles with me, still crying to begged me not to work again, but I still feel to have very big hope, cannot abandon. Brother-in-law sold the cattle of the farmland in him home, collect about 2000 yuan of money give me meet an urgent need, sold 500 yuan of fund the bean that just hit in the home again then, also gave me. "   the difficulty that goes up besides capital, du Wenda says what did not think of to still have a few, for instance: Should buy a few raw material must the approval of national concerned department; Because do not have senior skilled worker and equipment, compare on technical craft coarse etc. Du Wenda says, "Develop ' UFO ' not be my brains gives out heat, we are unapt also the degree that reached not to take even the money that have a meal, I am not fool, if there is a life how to implement a plan? I am thrown so, for the sake of regretting in the future. And, everybody knows, these use development ' UFO ' one li hard-earned, am I sure how to you can hold to now? "     ■ before the firm support of a gang person interviews Du Wenda, reporter Ceng Tong studies an operator of base makes an appointment too. Saying her is an operator actually not appropriate, because of her besides see a phone, still must shop, sweep the floor, cook etc. She probably 60 come year old, it is a tailor so, do these everyday now, did not take money of one division of labor, "I feel he is very honest, very study, and for the thing that does not have all over the world now invested a lot of money, I am willing to help him. " beside   Du Wenda, so clinging like her epigone still has a lot of, one of 10 first investor the factory director that Hu Bo ever was brewery of desolate county grape, the plane likes when going to school of what, after he hears Du Wenda's idea and the patent that see him by 2002, go to Beijing aerospace university to close together with Du Wenda collect money to expect and consult the professor that concern, although the professor persuaded them to be not done, "But we feel, this is a new thing, without desert of person make it. Whole world also neither one person call him ' UFO ' expert, who to talk to go up so authoritative. Still take the advantage of young, hard. "   is right a few words of the outside, hu Bo is furious very: "Before a new thing has not come out, be mocked is common; But say what farmer is a kick in one's gallop, wasteful capital, I cannot agree without giving serious thought, build ' UFO ' it is the ourselves pursuit on science, those who use is his money. "     ■ how long can you hold to? It is reported, there is Japan, United States, Germany, Russia in what UFO develops on the world, studied a lot of years, but did not make a success at present. The expert thinks, "Aero make the complex factor that should consider the aspect such as motivation, air integratedly, not be personnel of professional aviation technology will do these, difficulty cans be imagined. "   Du Wenda says he does not worry about these now, "Because head first they and the UFO that we study are mixed from the principle on the requirement different, besides, considering intellectual property, we also did not let someone else had seen our core technology, so they say to be no good return premature. " he says   : "If arrived not to hold to those who go down really that day, the thing here is informal they are taken, I have a small freight car, have a few machine tools, still be worth a bit money. Additional, I still can sell cash repay a debt patent. Endeavor to be done, I am not willing oneself did not endeavor to make a hope undone. "   is much at 9 o'clock last night, after doing the preparation that enters Zhuhai boat to exhibit to work, du Wenda still stays in that diameter 5.

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37 meters, those who share 19 leaves disc and 3 wheel " UFO " by, for a long time does not wish to leave. CNC Milling CNC Machining