M370 series speed gives Weidiya milling cutter

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Weidiya M370 series cutting tool is a when combined newest processing technique and design outstanding fast feed milling cutter, coming true efficient treatment while, still provided extremely tall treatment stability, avoided the potential risk that high speed machines, realized the low cost treatment on real significance. Double-faced the production cost that 6 point design dropped each point greatly; Have firm cutting point, it is the first selection of high strenth steel and hard data rough machining; Small cut deep while maintain tall feed, can realize smaller than conventional treatment cutting force; Tall feed concept is to point to in small cut deep when, will make sure extremely tall material purify is led through using big feed; Every blade has alone cooling fluid ejective and auxiliary treatment, the design of cutter hub bottom can satisfy slope to go to check filling treatment with helix, the cutting force after cutter hub installs bit is delivered along main shaft and scale of knife handle union, because this is OK implementation is long dangerous extend treatment, prevented cutting tool system effectively shake brought adverse effect, comfortable at digging mill of antrum, outline, slope to go mill, face mill is mixed insert mill a variety of application circumstances. This cutting tool is the biggest cut deep 1.

75mm, in the meantime, fz is the biggest to 2.

5mm, offerred dish of milling cutter, flank to lock up interface of straight handle of solid, cylinder and whorl a variety of forms, diameter 25 ~ 125mm. CNC Milling CNC Machining