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One, the development of the aggravate that introductive market competes and computer technology makes enterprise informatization is become inevitable, product data manages (ProductDataManagement, abbreviation PDM) the main component that regards an enterprise as informatization, in the information that realizes an enterprise the compositive, level of management that increases a business and product develop the respect such as efficiency to have main effect. In the developed country of Euramerican area, PDM has gotten relatively apply widely, carry out more successful also; In home, what apply in the enterprise as computer technology is ceaseless and thorough, a lot of enterprises also begin to realize the necessity of executive PDM, partial enterprise perhaps been preparinging to carry out PDM. What the high successful rate that implements with PDM of Euramerican developed country differs is, domestic company carries out PDM some to just realize simple graph archives to manage, fail to develop the function of PDM system adequately, some users change rate not tall, application is not quite convenient, system of PDM of truly successful application (especially system of company level PDM) the enterprise returns number not much. The cause that causes afore-mentioned appearances is PDM system wait for applied system unlike general CAD, it needs longer and periodic carry out, custom-built, the course that PDM system user changes. And executive stand or fall can affect PDM to whether produce effect adequately in the enterprise directly, achieve expect the result. Of PDM carrying out is project of a system, need those who had had to carry out methodological guiding. Although manufacturer of foreign famous PDM has an executive plan with its product form a complete set commonly, but the working mode that these plan often are aimed at Euramerican enterprise, as actual as our country condition is not accorded with. The high risk value that PDM carries out, low successful rate and carry out the obstacle that becomes an enterprise to go up in PDM application endlessly, further meeting affects the further progress of PDM market, of enterprise informatization degree rise and of product development cycle shorten. Accordingly, urgent need suits the executive method of our country national condition one set to coach the enterprise carries out PDM. 2, although the user changes rate,executive measure PDM carries out traditional PDM very tall, different company carries out the concrete step of PDM project to may be widely divergent, but abstract executive measure is consistent still. Of PDM system carry out include following measure commonly (if pursue, 1 shows) : The administrative scope that certain executive limits and target should define to PDM system place supports above all, it is to face working party, branch, company, still cross the enterprise of the area; Next, want to define the applied scope of PDM, it is general graph archives management, design and production process government, still be wider application; Decide executive time span next, it is ordinal to some target finish, still finish in installment; Affirmatory finally PDM carries out the goal that should achieve. Constituent team, after protocol plans to look mark is made clear, important is to want to establish a PDM executive group quickly, as executive special orgnaization, the solid bestow of responsible PDM uses promotion. Executive group wants the specific plan that protocol implements, decide the working schedule of the project. The goal that software type selecting, Training Within Industry should achieve according to the enterprise reachs the functional requirement that carries out to PDM, choose and purchase proper PDM software, have relevant personnel groom, decide right partner according to need. It is clear to data collects and analyse this one phase to ask to analyse carry out content of relevant all directions extent with PDM: Personnel, data, activity and infrastructure. Personnel is to point to the constituent relationship that wants clear staff and the responsibility that its assume; Data is to point to the constituent structure that wants a definition to be clear about the data object that is managed and data object; The activity is to point to the process that wants specific activity, affirmatory PDM is carried out after all design what circuit, configuration of the activity in clear technological process and the data that support an activity, personnel and the data that the activity generates, infrastructure is to point to the information infrastructure circumstance that should make clear the enterprise is existing, determine the requirement that whether can satisfy PDM to carry out. Information builds a model to collect and analyse the eventuate base that level earning reachs with data, undertake information builds a model. General need resume 6 models: Model of management of construction of model of personnel administration model, product object data, product, product configuration model, process management model and information are compositive model. Define an user to operate interface and the compositive structure that use system and PDM system to wait even. Graph, the basic measure system that 1PDM implements is custom-built the custom-built method that uses PDM system to offer with compositive development and development tool, have detailed design content 2 times developing in the PDM software of specific make choice of, make each model is able to come true in PDM system. What this one phase finishs PDM software and CAD/CAM system, MRPII system, documentation to edit system and other application software even is compositive, to leave one stage " the system is carried out " prepare. The system is carried out finish above after measure, still need to undertake as follows working: The system tries the problem that in so that discover,moving with the test, exists to be amended in time; The user is used with groom; The safe stability that makes regulations system assure PDM moves. The system adjusts the job in front to point to the ordinal loop that finishs happy PDM to carry out, try when the system when moving to discover a problem with test hind, want readjust to be designed formerly, or according to business demand, add new content, enter executive loop below one round. As a result of traditional PDM executive method is used serial working mode, after work of before one phases ends, just begin to undertake leaving the job of one phase namely, and carry out in PDM only the loop is formed between whole process, be in extremely likely so " data is collected and analyse " the issue that level forms is in " the system is carried out " ability discovery, to " the system is adjusted " and the next time " certain executive limits and target " when just try to improve. Waste material resources of much labor power not only so, rose to carry out cost, and make executive cycle is lengthened, executive effect cannot get safeguard. Be organized as a result of staff of domestic share company at the same time and non-standard, working flow is insufficient standard, have demand directly analysis, system plans and compose builds the PDM system that come out to be in an enterprise the difficulty in actual application is greater, bring about what PDM carries out so easily to quit. 3, because PDM involves a lot of branches and existing applied system,new PDM implements a method, systematic point of view should be adopted when because this is in,PDM plans and be being carried out. Successful PDM is carried out depend on morely greatly executive method, is not technical element. A complete PDM carries out need to logical executive methodology undertakes guidance, successful PDM carries out methodology to should enclothe executive complete lifecycle, can undertake overall quality is controlled, contain industry experience and KnowHow technology, and be accepted easily by the user. According to domestic company constant existence personnel organizes insufficient standard, working flow not the characteristic such as the standard, connection PDM carries out pair of enterprises to undertake improvement is in not only technical respect, should undertake adjustment to company structure on management more, because this is in PDM executive process,add the level that structure of a company optimizes. Through undertaking to the enterprise the structure is optimized, original unreasonable process, personnel structure undertakes adjustment, carry out creation condition for PDM. PDM at the same time executive process cent is different level, to each phase working content, place is used tool and anticipate a result to wait make specific definition, can be opposite as a result according to this level analysis in front result of each phase earnings makes so that discover the mistake is returned as early as possible,examining edit, be in thereby local form a loop, next from local rise to whole, those who make sure whole PDM carries out a process is fluent, complete. Each phase that in be being applied actually, can carry out PDM differentiates further for different job or activity, each activity in carrying out a process to whole PDM uses the digraph that increase advantageous position to undertake weaving after undertaking workload estimation, find out from which carry out a way the most quickly and undertake working hours arrangement and personnel task allocation. The each level structure of whole PDM executive process is as follows (if pursue, 2 show) : The test affirms through user of later period service the user affirms the target defines a system to adjust a test to plan design requirement of system of system testing construction of system to analyse demand to collect a target to analyse a structure to optimize a graph, the 2 PDM that are based on local loop carry out level target to define: Target definition phase builds the solid base of whole project, must make clear systematic object, limits and purpose. This phase indicates to begin with project initialization conference, its are main the purpose is collect considers broad sense, what the definition wants the working range of research, make clear project requirement thereby. The result of the conference is to make understanding state text version. Target analysis, structure optimizes: The executive target that raises to the enterprise below the premise of one phase result afore undertakes an analysis, the feasibility in theoretic to its validity and practice undertakes an analysis respectively, if existence problem returns return sth for repairs,change. There are structure and working mode to undertake optimizing to the enterprise in this one phase at the same time, be PDM carry out offer a condition. The course that it needs to be collected to demand has a definition, the working status report that and generate implements a plan finally and the test that need an user to approbate plan a report. Demand collects: Constituent technologist uses all sorts of ways to collect demand, include to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, interview. After project initialization, the workload that the demand a future life that collect and analyses an user needs into working state institute can be forecasted come out, and pass the product configuration order that the user agrees with will advance ahead together as working flow. Demand analysis: Analysing level is executive personnel of system of first time inspection the understanding of the management process to the enterprise and user demand, undertake improvement according to feedback information likewise, rise. Analysing level, through analysing demand, make the client's solution. Use professional knowledge to undertake evaluating to collection demand, put forward best to satisfy the solution of user demand. The stand or fall of demand analysis quality still decided directly whether will implement the system that offer according to fixed price. If the budget of the user is unalterable, so, user demand collects the move back and forth that the process may need for many times, implement a system in order to assure according to fixed price. The demand that still asks to be carried out certainly in this phase analyses the program with working status. The result that analyses level is working status documentation, its circumstantiate understands executive plan. Working condition is recognized in the user and after agreeing with the product order form that offer, the executive job of the project just begins truly. Otherwise, of the project carry out will cannot start. Systematic design: Design phase is it is a foundation with the demand in front is collected and be being analysed, the target of project team is the requirement that makes the system can satisfy company business course. Design phase is right demand is collected and analyse level check again. In design phase, of whole system finishing is to pass the implementation of each working status to finish. To the system that will implement, in detailed design process, the likelihood needs redefine demand analysis, use this kind of method to be able to shorten design phase, enter construction and test phase as soon as possible. The do poorly done work over again that construct than be in between floriferous on design program take time and tests level is more valuable. In design phase, user group and staff of executive analysis development need clasp. Executive analysis develops personnel to must ensure technical design satisfies user requirement; The project group controller of the user should plan as a whole the design of initialization phase and evaluation. Construction of system and test: Constructing and test level, create detailed design, before and the job is used in actual reality beginning, detailed design needs those who get an user to approbate. Development staff is in charge of detailed design and unit test, include software boy or girl friend found, revise and the function checks. Management constructs and controller of executive project group tests level through as close as expert and user cooperation. Constructing and test level, must establish test standard, and need want those who get an user to approbate. Before the requirement that in each test unit and whole and compositive system prove to its can satisfy an industry, construction and test phases cannot end. Working status should appoint the chief of the controller with compositive system and system testing. Later period serves: Later period was entered to serve phase after the test is passed, right now the user had accepted PDM system, the enterprise already began to use new system, service phase made sure company operation transfers smoothly to new system. The systematic transplanting that serves level to include will new construction arrives in manufacturing environment, and the to the system support in transplanting process. Serving phase, the likelihood appears a few small issues need to correct. Once construction of system is finished, and transplanting arrives in manufacturing system, executive development group hopes the user can undertake maintenance to the system. 4, conclusion enterprise executive PDM is improving time efficiency, shorten appear on the market time; Raise design and production accuracy and consistency; Promote the respect such as overall quality management to have main effect. And the guidance that PDM system wants successful in the enterprise application to must carry out methodology well again. Accordingly, put forward an executive methodology that fits our country national condition to will be helpful for the promotion of PDM application, provide the environment that realizes CIMS for the enterprise, rising productivity and enhance the respect such as company competition ability to have very good real sense. CNC Milling CNC Machining