Grind the auspicious EIP application in numerical control machine tool solution

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[The system is summarized] use embedded the computer (EIP) numerical control machine tool of the technology has extensive adaptability, the order that when the object is changed, treatment needs to change an input only dictates; Treatment performance is higher than general and automatic machine tool, OK and accurate treatment is sophisticated model face, agree with consequently the small lot in treatment, remodel frequent, precision asks tall, appearance more intricate work, can obtain favorable economic result to control technical development as number, the machine tool variety that uses numerical control system increasingly grow in quantity, machine tool of lathe, milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine, grinder, gear cutting and electric spark machine a machine tool to wait. [Systematic block diagram] [systematic principle] numerical control machine tool basically is mixed by orgnaization of numerical control device, servo composition of machine tool main body. The program that inputs numerical control device dictates the record is on information carrier, read in device to receive by the program, or by the clavier of numerical control device direct hand uses an input. Numerical control device includes a program to read in device and the input part that form by electronic circuitry, operation part, control part and output part to wait. Numerical control device divides the position control that it is a dot, linear control, successive contrail to control 3 kinds by the control function that can come true. [The system is configured] the article is with system of high-powered numerical control of company of some numerical control exemple, the introduction grinds auspicious EVOC series is embedded the computer (EIP) the application in numerical control system. I, numerical control is unit: 1.

Embedded the computer: · 19 ' go up posture level structure, NEMA 4/12 aluminium is qualitative waterproof, dustproof in front board; · 10.

4 ' TFT color LCD; · configuration grinds auspicious 586 embedded the computer advocate board; · grinds auspicious 8 chamfer labour accuses box (contain) of switch power source; · two groups of filmy clavier, match with ground connection gauze; 2.

Servo controls annulus of buy of serial communication card, 6 position of axle to control servo of number of card, four-axle to control card (optional) ; 3.

Buy type PLC inputs card inside (48 passageways / card) , inside buy type PLC outputs card (48 passageways / card) . Note: Grind auspicious 586 embedded the computer advocate board (HSC - 1511CLDNA) technical parameter is as follows: A, structure: ISA bus line grows partly embedded advocate board B, CPU: Be in board CPU C of low power comsumption of Low-Power Intel Pentium Processor With MMX Technology, memory: In board a 144-pin DIMM inserts groove, d of memory of 256M of the largest support, show: SM712 shows chip + 2M is shown independently put, 24 supportive CRT, LCD show E, interface: 2 IDE, a FDD, 1 and, 2 strings, interface of a KB/MOUSE, 2 USB. F, SSD: Supportive DOC electron dish interface of G, PC-104: Have system of II, main shaft: Main shaft driving unit + main shaft electric machinery, transducer + main shaft electric machinery, transducer + asynchronous electric machinery. System of III, feed: Pace of series of servo, HC5801/5802 takes type of drive of servo of synchronism of HSV-11D communication permanent magnetism and servo electric machinery, domestic and international of all kinds imitate, number form electric machinery driving unit and electric machinery, HG.

Driver of Composite of wave of BQ3-5B three-phase sine and pace enter electric machinery. [The system is evaluated] this system is used grind auspicious EVOC series is embedded the computer (EIP) , LCD of TFT true color, have much axis ability of much passageway control and inside the PLC that fit pattern, can use with form a complete set of a variety of servo driving unit. Have open sex good, structure is compact, compositive degree of tall, dependability tall, operation maintains good, performance/price ratio convenient advantage, it is the new generation that fits Chinese national condition system of high-powered, high-grade numerical control CNC Milling CNC Machining