Without seam manufacturing technology to establish impossible cooling channel

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It is impossible that the appearance of some moulds wants to machine high grade mould refrigeration passageway. Those who be used at producing golf is cylindrical the mould is a very perfect example (pursue as follows) . In mould production, the optimal and cooling passageway of these moulds will be those can be mirrorred or accord with modular antrum cylindrical the cooling passageway of the requirement. Machine a kind of such cooling passageway to production, using traditional treatment method is insufficient it seems that, using horny form aperture to machine a method only just is only alternative. But, because workmanship of much chance mould will be direct metallic laser agglomeration (DMLS) 5 axes machine technology, high speed and union of EDM discharge processing technique is used together, consequently production follows form refrigeration pattern, already became a kind to not have actually seam automation to manufacture technology. Catenary of technology of this one production is in none discontinuous ground to moving actually, arrive from the design annulus annulus photograph smashs finished product. All sorts of machine tools that in manufacturing technology, use join together through the network, from begin to be passed to the end same the operation runs a 3D CAD model, machine precision to rise thereby, outfit card debugs time to shorten. Die manufacturer basically can begin the work from 3D model, use fixed position around this model perfect will make plug-in unit of a mould with the cooling passageway that accords with a requirement completely. Founded faultlessly along with form refrigeration mould, time reduced the manufacturing cycle that makes a lot of high end manufacturer produce plastic product 40% . Mould of this kind of DMLS manufactures a technology, improved the quality of the product already, prolonged the service life of the mould again, also optimized cooling effect at the same time, raised whole mould pressing to shape the efficiency of craft. To big batch production, cost of the manufacturing time with its spare place, cost and energy-saving the effect that reduces a platoon is quite considerable. In catenary of technology of much chance production, DMLS system founded the clamping apparatus that has the steeliness pattern that follows form refrigeration passage and all follow-up to machine level place to need. Next, this mould continues to move ahead through producing the 2nd part of craft catenary, and the craft catenary of the 2nd part involves high speed milling machine and EDM discharge to machine a machine tool, include mould treatment and line cut machine tool among them. A of DMLS technology the biggest advantage is: It can be produced in one-time operation give a close only part, it is finish machining ready-made 2 times. Next, unitary clamping apparatus system is used in 2 all operations, move benchwork in order to reduce a hand to work, ensure a surface is bright and clean spent precision control is in 3~5 μ M. To improve the appearance of DMLS spare parts further bright and clean degree, this mould is conveyed to go up to high speed milling machine, to its branch molded lines undertakes milling is machined, make its are achieved without flash (without leak) the surface is bright and clean degree, also have precision work to the other surface area of the mould at the same time. Next, the same clamping apparatus that uses place of high speed milling machine to use conveys the mould to machine a machine tool to go up to EDM discharge, in-house to the mould model antrum undertakes finish machining is handled. After machine tool of cut of an EDM line cuts off the clamping apparatus of the mould, the treatment of this mould was finished, use in order to have in actual production. To certain geometry appearance, DMLS agglomeration machine can configure special clamp solution, ensure place produces the correct fixed position of the spare parts thereby. The cooling passageway that because more and more die manufacturer introduce these courses,optimizes, because this is right,this kind can offer the demand that does not have the system of omnibus much chance that cracks automation treatment to will continue to grow. CNC Milling CNC Machining