How to use clamping apparatus to realize numerical control lathe automatic bore function

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To lathe, mention automatic bore function, everybody can think of turning center. To the common numerical control lathe that has all directions tool carrier only cannot do, but this also is not absolutely, how will the article use clamping apparatus to realize this one function for everybody introduction. The graph is one good stuff, fluctuation milling Cheng Bian, side is right positional bore, tap (use) as fixed broach. According to inside installation of the azimuth that hold clip is on tool carrier, the broach outfit that wants place is placed on 3 ungual chuck, make main shaft rotates below MDI means, the hand moves mobile tool carrier to make work center is close to broach pointed ministry. Low fold hand shakes handwheel bore. After bore of this kind of method can make broach holds clip, center and main shaft are consistent. In bore while, be opposite directly knife, measure X way. CNC Milling CNC Machining