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Benefit other people is fine breathed: The indispensable equipment in metallic treatment " maintain article "

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Normal > as technology and progress, new material, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, the oil that be safeguarded in equipment and routine has in product treatment process tastes the metal with analysis, right choice to machine fluid, machine quality to assuring a product, improve treatment efficiency, reducing an environment to pollute is crucial. Normal >With The Development Of Industrial Technologies, new Materials And Processing Techniques, it ' S Increasingly Important To Make Oil Analysis And Choose An Appropriate Metalworking Fluid To Ensure Product Quality, improve Processing Efficiency And Protect The Environment.

Lube is industrial machine equipment the very crucial one annulus in moving. The blood in human body of no less than to health, lube is protecting the crucial part of equipment to improve its to run state. Through blood the examination can understand the health of human body, same, groovy oil tastes an analysis to be able to help an enterprise obtain valuable facility status information. Oil tastes analysis and its benefit oil to taste an analysis to be based on a series of tests that reach lube position to evaluate equipment interior hardware only, it is the fast, blame that through analysing oil to taste composition monitors facility status one invades sexual method. The function of lube, contaminant, wear away the element such as the metal tastes an expert to undertake an analysis in the lab by oil. Pass fixed test, enterprise be able to monitoring oil tastes a state, ensure machine and other key equipment reach optimal service life. Current, undertake according to form of daily care and maintenance oil tastes an analysis, the lubricating oil with can receive fine accurate, main and facility status are relevant data. Taste analysis and form of good care and maintenance through periodic oil, machine error machine down time can decrease significantly, reduce the potential risk that equipment maintains thereby, provide safer operation environment for the worker. In addition, it is OK still that oil tastes an analysis the help prolongs lube service life, can decide optimal oil change is periodic effectively, and of form of check of sieve of different and lubricant system change periodic, the help reduces waste and promote protective environment. Taste oil analytic case to bring into the importance clearly that safeguards systematic convention oil to taste analytic case, but it is a difficult problem however. Actually, pass the following 7 paces are simple and easy flow, can start oil easily to taste analytic case. Once make choice of of affirmatory and crucial equipment malfunctions to produce the decisive equipment of the harm, or cost is high the thing that affects large facility to taste an analysis as oil to maintaining cost, and need not undertake to every lubricant system oil tastes an analysis. Undertake the lab undertakes be registereded correctly for equipment setting having registered is in crucial, the unusual situation field that because be registered correctly,in implementation groovy trend analysis, as soon as possible discovers lube and equipment is producing crucial effect. The lab can build special test model for painting for different equipment, accordingly the enterprise need not pay close attention to the test method that specific facility ought to use some. Build operation flow to build unified oily appearance to draw operation circuit, undertake to personnel of care and maintenance flow grooms operating. The dependability that correct sampling flow analyses to the data holds the balance, but its importance often did not get enough attention however. Collect oil to taste example to the basis operates flow sampling and send to the lab as soon as possible. The example that lay aside may be lost because of deteriorate and bringing about a result representative. Analytic oil tastes example to analyse sample in the round, study metabolic trend, determine moving condition of the system thereby. Groovy lab may understand detect what specific to its however recipe knows thing is very little, deviation of data of judgement of have no way is accordingly remarkable. Unscramble an analysis to unscramble analytic result as a result, adopt necessary arrange inflict to ensure case is successful. Remember this are very important: The early-warning may not of an example means instant trouble. Accordingly, adopting large-scale before correcting measure, answer to ask for those who be aimed at alarm example to seek advice from an opinion above all, new sampling is not had with confirming existing data by accident. Adopt correct measure and file normally, documentation is the crux that understands measure of next record of care and maintenance, care and maintenance and requirement. Correct those who be based on oil to taste analytic result place to adopt measure to file, can help those who ensure measure of manufacturing safety, environmental protection reachs productivity the biggest change. The dependability that oil tastes analytic system to choose appropriate oil to taste analytic case to turn industrial equipment to actor is all in all. Dust gram Sen Meifu has oil of major of 40 one's remaining years to taste analytic experience, oil tastes its Signum analytic system is the international brand that oil tastes analytic domain, the professional and lubricant experience that can provide dust gram Sen Meifu conveniently for the client and resource. The professional group that Signum oil tastes analytic system to have close technology flow by dust gram Sen Meifu is offerred assist, its recipe stylist, scientist and engineer participate in development lube product not only, know the product property performance in relevant domain and service life adequately also. Signum oil tastes analytic system to had counted enterprise of a hunderd schools to improve industrial equipment performance for the whole world. Be in China, regard a the Xizang Autonomous Region as significant power key position, lhasa of Tibetan power company east power plant is tasted from Signum oil benefit a lot in the analysis. The lubricant requirement of generation set engine is very slashing, accordingly, the condition of monitoring engine and lube is very fundamental. 2008, dust gram Sen Meifu and Lhasa east power plant cooperates, offer Signum oily appearance to analyse He Meifu to plan a project to serve. Be based on analysis of Signum oily appearance, engineer of beautiful inspire confidence in sb put forward to rinse plan, clean lubricant system. In addition, the engineer still suggests to detecting lube and the state of the form that sift check not when beautiful, reset distributes oily machine form. Lhasa east in 3 years of time that power plant serves in use Signum, use up in what reduce the form that sift check, managing labour cost and respect of lube analysis cost saved a RMB in all 30.

60 thousand yuan. Safeguard in equipment in, the action that oil tastes an analysis is beyond question, and in equipment treatment, product of advanced lubricant technology, right metallic treatment liquid is very main also. Before the row raises the eyes, later development will have representative lubricant technology and product. Surely Nuo is mechanical: Cutting of lubricant system metal machines minim medium minim is lubricant technology (MQL) can assure tall productivity not only, still have favorable modes of life and relation to their environment and healthy beneficial result. Only by do not need to use liquid of many emulsification cutting this, this technology machined an industry to bring a lot of new atmosphere for whole metal cutting. Minim is lubricant the oily quantity that main characteristic of the technology is the gauge of treatment area infuse that can provide to the knife directly, basically cut bits to undertake coming loose heating up through the metal. The other characteristic of this craft has: Gush burns the minim lubricating oil that go up to treatment is pure new oil, be helpful for improving the quality of workpiece; Fuel injection place needs power very low; Minim lube is used up completely instantly almost in blade point; On machine tool and workpiece remain basically without oil; Cutting bits is dry, can circulate directly recycle; Can reduce amount to the manufacturing cost of 15% . Lubricant technology has drop breathtaking zoology benefit. With traditional emulsification cutting fluid lubricant photograph is compared, need lubricant technology can reduce Nuo drop significantly primary the sources of energy is used up and CO2 discharge capacity. The use of lubricant technology returned minim to reduce healthy risk greatly, the skin and incidence of a disease of respiratory tract disease drop apparently, assured the perfect balance of quality, economy and environmental protection at the same time. Minim is lubricant (MQL) treatment. Nextpage in addition, minim is lubricant technology but many sided ensures but durative production: When applying at newly-built plant, because this technology need not deploy circular pump and cooling fluid storage tank, because this can reduce early days to purchase greatly,reach sequel to maintain cost; The photograph of emulsification cutting fluid that with conventional treatment craft uses is compared, new-style minim is lubricant lube dosage of the technology is few, because this has advantage of very big cost. Minim lubricant technology is the innovation sex technology that evolves into promotion ceaselessly. In 10 years of in the past, lubricant system is in minim a variety of excellent performance that proved its machine a domain in mechanical cutting on Nuo mechanical interior and market surely. Nowadays, its application is more wide. Minim is lubricant the technology nots allow in the huge action of automobile industry small gaze. For quite a long time, the standard that lubricant technology is large car manufacturer all the time configures minim. Medium-sized nowadays company also in succession follow closely tendency of the day chooses minim lubricant technology. As DIN 69090 come on stage, lubricant technology welcomed drop new standard. It is aimed at the cutting tool that has blade of cutting of clear geometry appearance, advocate if rotate,cutting tool stipulated whole minim is lubricant the term of each component mixes the system definition. In addition, it still set use drop the technical condition of the machine tool of lubricant technology and requirement and be in machine tool and minim the standard of the cutting surface between lubricant system. When processing form of 20 air cylinder, lubricant technology needs minim on average only hourly 50ml lube. As we have learned, need Nuo machinery offers only channel minim at the same time lubricant system and double passageway minim are lubricant system. Lubricant system uses only channel drop surely the much nozzle of Nuo machinery is patent pulverization of technical general lube, pass oily mist tailor-made transmission canal, swivel pipe joint and main shaft or tool carrier to carry cutting tool front next, eject arrives treatment surface. This system is applied to in the cutting treatment of rotate speed of low main shaft, can use at the main shaft with internal complex composition. The basis designs a characteristic, can use the lubricating oil of low viscosity. Typical applied domain includes to take turn the machine tool of system of tower tool carrier. Be aimed at foregone craft, this system still can be used at machining center. Need the oil gas of lubricant system mixes minim of Nuo double passageway place and cutting tool position are very adjacent, this system also applies to the tall dynamic treatment of rotate speed of tall main shaft. Typical applied situation is the machining center that changes a knife often. Double passageway minim uses air in lubricant system blow oil to cutting tool. Because give oil very accurate, this system also applies to the small-sized cutting tool with the precision very high demand that estimates to lube supply, the oil in changing knife course at the same time won't pollute a machine tool; Lubricant system answers double passageway minim fast. Housing card: Take (Tonna) card of S3 M carapace is new upgrade slideway oily product is connected take (Tonna) S3 M is product of housing card mainstream take (Tonna) of S2 M upgrade product. After the course upgrades take (Tonna) more original on function product has S3 M to promote considerably, have higher sexual price to compare. Take (Tonna) the characteristic with most conspicuous S3 M depends on its excellent combination performance, this function got the self-identity of numerous and authoritative orgnaization, it satisfies at the same time with standard of below 4 big attestation: ISO 11158 / ISO 6743-4 HM and HG, ISO 12925-1 / ISO 6743-6 CKC, ISO 19378 / ISO 6743-13 GA and GB DIN CGLP and Cincinnati Machine P-50 (ISO 220) , p-47 (ISO68) . This makes clear take (Tonna) S3 M can lubricate not just slideway component, still can offer for system of gear, bearing, hydraulic pressure advanced fight wear away protection, special apply to the numerical control machine tool that combines lubricant system and machining center. Housing card is connected take (Tonna) S3 M. In the product upgrade in process of research and development, housing card passes as close as manufacturer of OEM of numerous machine tool cooperation, devote oneself to to solve machine tool slideway and workbench place existence " creeping " problem, ensure the play of precision of design fixed position of high accuracy machine tool is normal, because precision is not worth the quality problem that cause,decrease, if do poorly done work over again and spare parts discard as useless,wait, this catered to machine tool industry to go after the trade that processes precision higher to develop a tendency. Upgrade the product is connected take (Tonna) S3 M has exceedingly good material consistence, satisfy deputy slideway of traditional material attrition not only, also apply to the attrition deputy stuff that has synthetic coat, be like thermoplastic plastic with hot firm material. Besides, regard an outstanding machine tool slideway as oil, take (Tonna) S3 M still is had fight emulsification function outstandingly. In the meantime, it is OK and effective conglutinate is in slideway surface, prevent to be eroded by metallic treatment fluid, return as can rapid as water-solubility cutting fluid depart, lengthened a metal to machine the service life of fluid greatly, reduce summer effectively the phenomenon with cutting fluid degenerative smell, also improved the ratio of operation of the machine tool substantially. On environmental protection function, because connect,take (Tonna) S3 M is not phosphatic with heavy metal element, accordingly can utmost reduces the waste liquid after using process charge. Take (Tonna) approbate and recommend what the excellent performance of S3 M had gotten tycoon of world numerous machine tool, include campstool of Qi of hill of enterprise of Japanese machine tool to overcome (Mazak) , Mu Ye (Makino) , river bend greatly (Okuma) , dark essence machine (Mori Seiki) , american Gelisen (Gleason) , Xinxinnadi (Cincinnati) with Germany dust mark (EMAG) etc. Foss: Muti_function cutting fluid ECOCOOL 800 NBF CECOCOOL 800 NBF C is high-powered, grow life, not chloric water-solubility synthesizes cutting fluid partly. The design is used at the metallic treatment of high demand, the meeting after this product and water mix forms dispersive and even emulsion, very stable, service life is very long. The high pressure in stand-alone (5 axes machine) with central system the higher demand of high velocity of flow falls, this product can maintain exceedingly good bubble to control capacity from beginning to end. Its function includes: Admirable antirust function and exceedingly good extremely press a gender; Excellent cutting fluid stability, compare with oil of pure oily cutting, prolong cutting tool life effectively, percent defective is very low at the same time; Clean function exceedingly goodly, make service life longer. In addition, ECOCOOL 800 NBF C fights bacterium function exceedingly goodly, can reduce the use of antiseptic greatly; Latex stability is good, loss of treatment process cutting tool is small, can reduce the cost that exchange fluid significantly; Because the infiltration function of handpick constituent is mixed,rinse function, this emulsion shows good lubricant performance and cool performance; Amortize constituent can make PH is worth long-term stability, latex service life is accordingly long, antirust corrode capability is strong; Do not contain chloric, zinc and heavy metal; Muti_function cutting fluid, the machine that a kind of product can use at moderate demand, slashing requirement, extremely slashing requirement at the same time processes an operation. ECOCOOL 800 NBF C machines use Foss the configuration of after. And be based on this product to be cleaned outstandingly function and exceedingly good extremely control function, forster does not recommend the high-powered machine that is used at black metal to machine. It can be used at stand-alone not only, still can apply at large central system. Life of the emulsion in stand-alone is 12-18 month, in central system, life can amount to 24-36 month. CNC Milling CNC Machining