Transducer and PLC apply mediumly in 9 meters of planer-type milling machine

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Summary: The article put forward to replace the issue of dc timing with communication frequency control, the transducer that analysed a few kinds of typical cases controls a method, gave out the type selecting computation of transducer and its peripheral is formulary, summarize the PLC agile application in frequency control, summarize a few problems that should note in transducer and PLC installation, introduce frequency control system finally debug a circumstance. Keyword: Abstract: of   of   of   of   of In The 9m Frame Milling Machine of   of The Application Of Inverter And PLC of   of   of   of system of timing of transducer PLC planer-type milling machine?  His Text Bring Up The Problem Which AC Inverter Speed Regulation To Change DC Speed Regulation, and Analyses Some Of Typical The Control Method Of Inverter And Give Out Selecting Principle And Calculation Formulas Of Capacity Which Frequency Inverter And It ' S Peripheral Configures, and Simply Present PLC Applied In AC Inverter Speed Regulation System, and Summarize Some Problem Need To Notice Of Inverter And PLC Installation,   of   of   of   of Finally Introduce To The Debugging Of AC Inverter Speed Regulation Keywords:   of   of   of   of Inverter PLC Frame Milling Machine Speed Regulation System [in the graph classifies date] label of TM921 [document is piled up]   of   of   of B   1.

Dc of foreword     enrages transmission and drive of alternating current gas to be born early or late in 19 centuries. Because shed transmission to realize the pressure regulating, timing that move magnetism easily continuously, have mature control theory and control system, the wide timing that development of production of OK and contented industry puts forward ceaselessly, high accuracy and the demand that answer quickly, it is so in the major time of 20 centuries, high-powered timing system uses dc timing transmission, and take electric transmission total capacity about of 80% not electric drive adopts speed change drive of alternating current gas, this kind of division of labor already made the structure with accepted all over the world in period of time. The control principle early that communicates timing drive by establish, asynchronous electric machinery falls voltage timing, rotor of electric machinery of asynchronous of the rotor that wind a string strings together resistor timing to although,wait practical already change, but in the respect such as timing scope, stability, dependability and maintainability some are not worth, applied limits is restricted. After 1965, as a result of the ceaseless development of technology of electric power electron and progress, companion puts forward theoretically as new control with perfect, make communicate timing drive, especially the frequency control drive with superior performance gets flying development. Circle the timing clustering form of electric machinery of line rotor asynchronous, use transducer without timing of commutator electric machinery, basket model the frequency control of asynchronous electric machinery ordinal and practical change, completed the communicates timing drive basis that is the mainstream with frequency control. The application of contemporary vector technology, those who make communicated timing drive to also have dc timing drive is high-powered. The commutator of dc machine is its main weak point, it makes the main technique index such as ability of the stand-alone capacity of dc machine, overload, highest voltage and top rotate speed is restricted, make and safeguard what also give dc chance brought many troubles, these defect, restricted the application of dc machine greatly. In communicating frequency control drive basket model structure of asynchronous electric machinery simple, hard usage, move reliable, safeguard convenient, moment of inertia small, dynamic performance is good, the technical index such as grade of its stand-alone capacity, voltage and top rotate speed, all excel dc electric machinery. Current, the system can mix high-powered communication frequency control completely already to shed timing system photograph to rival continuously, and can use in the occasion that dc machine cannot use. The old structure of unify the whole country of dc timing drive already was broken, with communication timing drive replaces dc timing drive to already became a possibility. 2.

The system of timing of planer-type milling machine that system of timing of dc of planer-type milling machine has my factory uses systematic necessity     at switch to machine uses bridge of three-phase half control to cannot go against dc to procrastinate move, cent is workbench, left main shaft and right main shaft 3 feed direction. Of this machine tool electronic-controlled the system moves to already had more than 10 years, dc timing flashboard is serious already ageing, between together with flashboard connect a line much, receive by lead empty cause breakdown to be added with each passing day much, maintenance cost rises ceaselessly. The timing system of this planer-type milling machine is waited for urgently transform. In recent years, communicate the development change quickly of frequency control drive, its superior timing performance already can replace traditional dc timing system. And, as the electron yuan the development of parts of an apparatus, the price of transducer is reduced ceaselessly, economy price is compared, rise ceaselessly, the application that also gives it provided increasingly broad market. Our labor compared the actor defect of dc timing system and communication timing system, use transducer to transform former timing system, can bring the following profit: 2.

1 simplify of transducer of   of   of control line road use very convenient, the terminal of a few a few control that can pass its periphery undertakes full range is controlled. Transducer interior has perfect safeguard, all sorts of protection circuit need not be designed in its periphery circuitry. As a result of transducer moving reversely is the output that will change inverter through controlling terminal phasic will come true, because this is OK less than shedding timing system continuously formerly contactor of two large dc. After collecting appliance to the vector that does not have speed sensor controls transducer, OK still take out uses as the speed sensor that rotate speed feedbacks, make control line road simplifies greatly. 2.

2 can use   of   of electric machinery of standard basket asynchronous basket model asynchronous electric machinery can develop its hard usage, structure adequately simple, move reliable, maintain the dominant position with convenient, low price, avoid dc machine to change regularly, the trouble that safeguards brush and commutator. 2.

All sorts of 3 moving parameter that debug transducer of convenient     are debugged change clavier and monitor to finish through intelligence, the setting is convenient, change agile, debug time weak point. Traditional dc timing system is debugged involve spark pulse is phasic adjust, enlarge board PI is whole calm, rotate speed loses feedback to debug the attune of comprehensive interconnected system that waits for multinomial parameter, debug difficulty big, time is long, and obtain best control not easily. 3.

Of the transducer of choice     of transducer choose correctly electronic-controlled to mechanical equipment of the system moving normally is crucial. Choose transducer, want the requirement of precision of speed of scope of character of the type according to mechanical equipment, laden torsion, timing, static state, starting torsion above all, decide to choose next why to plant the transducer that controls fashion is the most appropriate. Alleged and appropriate it is the practical technology that satisfying mechanical equipment below manufacturing demand and the premise of use circumstance, the optimal sex value that realizes transducer application is compared. 3.

The   of   of laden torsion character of 1 mechanical equipment people will produce machinery to differ characteristicly according to laden torsion in practice middling, cent is 3 big kinds: Constant torsion load, constant power load and fluid kind laden. 3.


  of   of load of 1 constant torsion is in this kind of load, laden torsion TL and rotate speed N have nothing to do, the TL below any rotate speed always keeps constant or basic and constant, laden power criterion as the heighten of laden speed line form increases. The attrition such as the feed orgnaization of conveyer belt, mixer, extruder and mechanical equipment kind the gravity such as machine of load and crane, promotion, elevator is laden, belong to constant torsion load. When transducer pulls the load of property of the torsion that change constant, the output torsion when low speed wants enough big, and should have sufficient overload capacity. If need firm when growing below low speed fast move, should consider motor of standard basket asynchronous medicinal powder heat energy force, avoid electromotor temperature rise exorbitant. 3.


  of   of load of 2 constant power this kind of laden characteristic is demand torsion TL and cardinal principle of rotate speed N into inverse ratio, but its product namely power keeps changeless approximately however. The reel-up machine in the main shaft of metallic cutting machine tool and rolling mill, paper machine, filmy product line, uncoiler, belong to constant power load. Laden constant power quality should be with respect to certain speed span character. Become when rate is very low, accept the restriction of mechanical intensity, TL increases indefinitely impossibly, below low speed change is constant torsion property. Laden constant power division and constant torsion area have very big effect to the choice of transmission plan. Electromotor is when timing of constant magnetic flux, the biggest allow to output torsion changeless, belong to constant torsion timing; And when weak magnetism timing, the biggest allow to output torsion and speed to become inverse ratio, belong to constant power timing. When if the constant torsion of electromotor is mixed,the limits of constant power timing and laden constant torsion and photograph of constant power limits agree, namely alleged " match " below the circumstance, the capacity of the capacity of electromotor and transducer all the smallest. 3.


3 fluids kind laden     of this kind of laden torsion and rotate speed just become direct ratio 2 times, the cube of power and rotate speed becomes direct ratio. All sorts of fan, water pump and oil pump, the fluid that belongs to a model kind laden. Fluid kind load adjusts through transducer timing wind force, discharge, can substantially managing electric energy. As a result of the fluid kind the load demand power growth when high speed is too rapid, become direct ratio with the cube of laden rotate speed, should not make this kind of load exceeds labour frequency to move so. 3.

The transducer sort that the   of control means   of 2 transducer offers in the market now is various, the function is increasingly powerful also, the function of transducer also more and more the payoff that makes bad of timing function actor, besides transducer itself workmanship " congenital " outside the condition, using what kind of control means to transducer also is very important. Next watches summed up the function characteristic that in recent years all sorts of transducer control fashion. The place on put together is narrated, control of asynchronous electromotor frequency conversion chooses different control method, the timing of characteristic of attainable different function is characteristic. In the meantime, frequency modulation control controls a method according to what differ, with respect to the physical characteristic of attainable different type. Frequency control of constant magnetic flux controls fashion under fundamental frequency, its physical characteristic belongs to pattern of constant torsion timing, it applies to laden torsion and rotate speed to have nothing to do, laden torsion always keeps constant below any rotate speed or basic and constant, laden power criterion the applied circumstance that as the heighten of laden speed line form increases, for example the attrition such as the feed orgnaization of conveyer belt, mixer, extruder and mechanical equipment kind the gravitational load such as machine of load and crane, promotion, elevator. Frequency control controls weak magnetism of fundamental frequency above means, its physical characteristic belongs to pattern of constant power timing, apply to the applied circumstance that load lifts along with rotate speed and reduces, for example the drive of machine tool main shaft, windlass. 3.

The object that we transform the transducer     that load performance chooses 3 basises to control fashion appropriately this is the feed orgnaization of 9 meters of planer-type milling machine, workbench feed and orgnaization of feed of left, right main shaft all belong to constant torsion load, its torsion speed character is shown 1 times like the graph. The timing scope D=50 of original dc timing system, want to achieve 50:1speed ratio must choose the high-powered transducer that contains vector to control a function. The vector of asynchronous electric machinery is controlled even if like it encourage dc electric machinery is controlled same, the voltaic heft that decomposes the input electric current of electric machinery stator generation magnetic flux and the voltaic heft that produce torsion, have the control of independent instantaneous respectively, the electric machinery of stator electricity supply after synthesizing both at the same time. On the principle, because control the output frequency that decides transducer with vector, so need detects the rotate speed of electric machinery, this is to turn difference vector control. As control theory gets development and digital signal processor (DSP) application, need not speed sensor " use asynchronous electric machinery only 3 lines are controlled " did not have control of speed sensor vector to also come true namely practical change. Current, the controls transducer without speed sensor vector timing range that offers on the market can achieve 100: 1. The integral operation that having speed sensor vector to control is the metabolic amount that carries torsion electricity comes the rotate speed of computative electric machinery, will naturally bring computative error. If ask to raise timing scope and precision further, be about to choose the vector that carries speed sensor to control. Current, the brings speed sensor vector to control transducer timing range that offers on the market can amount to 1000: 1. Common basket model sensor of speed of electric machinery installation not only increase craft difficulty, and increased ability to revise cost. The design that because do not have speed sensor vector to dominate the main technique index of transducer,already can satisfy primary machine tool asks, so we chose Fuji FRENIC5000G11S low noise, high-powered, muti_function transducer, index of a few its main techniques is as follows: ① timing scope controls without speed sensor vector 100: ② of 1     starts pitching moment   0.

The 200% rated torsion when 5HZ (the quantity controls dynamic torsion arrow) the ± of frequency of highest output of precision of frequency of     ③ 0.

  of   of   of   of   of 2% the following   provides the 1st electric machinery and function of switch of the 2nd electric machinery as a result of G11S transducer, and the 2nd electric machinery also has similar the functional parameter of the 1st electric machinery installs option (dynamic torsion vector is controlled) , accordingly we use this function to be setting of workbench feed electric machinery the 1st electric machinery (dynamic torsion vector controls mode) , setting of electric machinery of feed of left, right main shaft is the 2nd electric machinery (dynamic torsion vector controls mode) . Frequency control part is electric principle graph is shown 2 times like the graph. 4.

The capacity computation   of transducer and its peripheral 4.

  of   of computation of 1 transducer capacity is before transducer capacity computation, want to pull the electromotor capacity that uses load certainly. Because electric machinery of original direct current makes a basis, we need not undertake detailed torsion is calculated. As a result of capacity of workbench feed electric machinery (11KW) be more than capacity of electric machinery of feed of left, right main shaft (all be 1.

5KW) , so the computation of transducer capacity is a basis with workbench feed electric machinery. Workbench feed drive communicates electric machinery parameter to be: Model, y160M-4; Power, pn=11KW; Rotate speed, ne=1460rpm; Rated electric current, in=22.

6A. The circumstance that transducer runs continuously, its are rated export electricity: I1nv ≥ 1.

1Imax (1) the I1nv in the type on       is transducer rated output electric current, imax is electromotor practical the biggest electric current. According to the data that our spot checks, the 26A of ≈ of Imax of the biggest load current of electric machinery of workbench feed drive, take the place of to go up type (1) have: I1nv ≥ 1.

1 × 26=28.

6A, namely the rated output electric current of transducer must is more than 28.

6A. Check manual of Fuji FRN-G11S transducer, choice FRN15G11S-4CX, its rated output electric current is 30A, contented type (1) requirement. 4.

When the urgent decelerate of workbench feed electric machinery that the processing     of energy of 2 second birth should use transducer transmission, asynchronous electromotor will be in second birth to generate electricity condition. Transducer inverter passes on diode 6 times medium to change the mechanical energy of main transfer machinery into electric energy to pass on intermediate dc loop, cause store can capacitance two upright voltage are elevatory. If do not take necessary step, rise to protect the transducer after limiting value when voltage of capacitance of loop of the dc intermediate overvoltage tripping operation. In high-powered project transducer, have to the processing of energy of successive second birth the following two kinds of plan. Loop of ① inter dc installs resistor, let energy of successive second birth be used up with calorific form through resistor, this kind of means calls dynamical apply the brake; ② uses means of second birth commutator, energy of will successive second birth sends wire back the net, this kind of means calls regenerative braking. Means of dynamical apply the brake controls simple, cost low, but energy-saving effect is inferior to regenerative braking. Although regenerative braking means is energy-saving the effect is good, the apply the brake when can growing continuously, but control complex, cost taller. Change investment considering economic ability, improve facility but maintainability and dependability, we use means of dynamical apply the brake. Be chosen about yuan of parts of an apparatus after each orgnaization uses means of dynamical apply the brake and calculate, can consult bibliographical reference 1, length of be confined to, this not give uncecessary details. According to unit of apply the brake and type selecting of resistor of apply the brake, computation formula undertakes conversion, unit of the BU3-220-4 that transducer FRN15G11S-4CX matchs to use firm of a Fuji apply the brake and resistor of a DB15-4 apply the brake, its technology parameter: Torsion of the biggest apply the brake 150% , torsion of 100% apply the brake is successive apply the brake 10 seconds, PBR=7.

5KW, PRcont=0.

375KW (100 seconds of jobs are periodic) . 4.

The characteristic when 3 transducer low speed moves and convention of countermeasure     design from Leng Shiyi stage electric machinery is in below rated operating mode inside the environmental temperature range that reachs a regulation, won't exceed rated temperature rise, but in be in frequency control system, the circumstance differs somewhat. Move below in 20HZ from electric machinery of cold pattern asynchronous when, the cooling power of rotor wind leaf drops, if be below condition of constant torsion load,move for a long time again, certainly will causes electric machinery temperature rise to increase, make the characteristic addle of timing system. So, when should move in low frequency from electric machinery of cold pattern asynchronous and pulling load of the torsion that change constant, must take compulsive cooling step, improve electric machinery medicinal powder heat energy force, assure the stability of frequency control system. 5.

PLC designs medium applied   in frequency control system 5.

1  of   of PLC hardware configuration is transformed this in, PLC chooses the module type C200H of company of Japanese ohmic dragon, CPU unit is CPU01-E, memory chooses 4KB EEPROM, model is ME431, two inputs unit all is the ID212 16 o'clock, 3 output unit is the OC222 12 o'clock respectively, the OC221 8 o'clock, independent contact the OC224 8 o'clock. 5.

The   of PLC programming   of part of 2 transducer control is the workbench feed of planer-type milling machine, left main shaft feed and feed of right main shaft, the contactor that outputs side through switch transducer will come true, if pursue,2 are shown. If when transducer is outputted normally switch outputs the contactor of side, the overvoltage with the instantaneous very tall generation that will disconnect in contactor contact and the electronic parts in transducer of extremely easy attaint. Accordingly, the contactor of side of switch transducer output must when after dead stop of place pilot electric machinery, ability is complete switch. How labor realizes transducer to output the complete switch of side electric machinery below with PLC program. We analyse transducer to output switch to protect partial PLC program first, if pursue,3 fall that in showing, use dictate along differential (DIFD) . Arrive from workbench feed switch when SA3 of feed direction select switch when feed of left main shaft, 0009 become OFF by ON, in the meantime, 0010 turn into by OFF ON. Right now, in-house and auxiliary relay 4500 in the ON inside cycle of a scanning, and 4501 hold OFF position changeless. If be below the circumstance that transducer outputs normally, switch of SA3 of feed direction select switch, 3 in-house and auxiliary relay 4500, 4501 and 4502 3 in sure have a scanning ON turns into by OFF inside cycle, relay 3007 turn into ON holds 2 seconds (the time of apply the brake that the set time of TIM002 must be more than transducer) hind turn into OFF. When SA3 switch, because transducer is in,output normally, criterion relay 3100, 3101 in surely one is ON, relay 3008 also be ON. In the instant of SA3 switch, as a result of relay 3007, 3008 it is ON condition, relay 3012 turn into ON, it cuts off the output feed signal of transducer, transducer begins apply the brake to stop. Disappear in SA3 switch signal after 2 seconds, right now transducer already stopped to output, relay 3007, 3008 turn into by ON OFF, give now edge signal, relay 4503 in the ON inside cycle of a scanning, cut off transducer to output the contactor of side, the feed direction that makes electric machinery switch needs to place. When if be in,transducer stops to output, SA3 switch, as a result of relay 3008 for OFF, relay 3013 meetings scan in in the instant of SA3 switch the ON inside cycle, output transducer thereby the contactor of side instantly the feed way that switch wants to place. Transducer appears unusual when, through it calls the police in-housely drive controls relay on ark call the police indicator light HL1, make HL1 twinkles continuously, transducer of demonstrative operation personnel appears unusual, must stop machine overhaul instantly. Transducer calls the police delay time 0.

After 5 seconds, cut off the contactor KM2 that inputs side, make the transducer of occurrence breakdown breaks away from power source, lest trouble is further,expand. Transducer outputs switch to protect PLC program of the part, length of be confined to, this not give uncecessary details. 6.

The installation of transducer and PLC and wiring   6.

The installs     transducer and PLC installation of 1 transducer and PLC is spent for - 10 ℃ come 50 ℃ . Inside control ark calorific yuan parts of an apparatus has transformer, contactor, transformer and resistor of its apply the brake to wait, heat up the temperature rise inside the ark that measure parts of an apparatus and sends to reduce these big hair, can use two kinds of methods. It is the size that increases control ark, 2 it is to increase ark inside change implement wind force. One certainly will creates the method control cabinet put oneself in another's position is cumbersome, increase a metal to use makings, wasteful; The method increases the fan of take a breath with an inferior cost 2 times, relatively economy. When transducer is controlling the installation inside ark, answer to stand by the ventilator of the coping inside ark as far as possible, the cold air that lets be entered from ark bottom carries heat source share entirely. Give priority to the PLC that form with digital circuit to this for, working sensitivity is tall, be disturbed very easily by all sorts of ab extra electromagnetism, cause misoperation. The transducer that sells on the market at present uses PWM control more, its output contains a variety of harmonic in electric current, it is source of strong electromagnetism interference. To prevent the transducer interference to PLC, the installation of PLC should be far from transducer as far as possible, and their safety protects ground connection, protective screen ground connection all should adopt sheet to nod ground connection. The dominates return circuit contactor all round transducer and PLC, the coil of relay, contact is leaving when shutting, because electric current changes quickly and the meeting produces very strong electromagnetism to disturb, answer sometimes make the control loop of transducer and PLC, exterior did not produce misoperation, need disturbs the coil of the source in this kind, two end add contact outfit surge draws circuit. Transducer and PLC install the place at high humidity, often produce insulation deterioration and metallic part to corrode. If accept spatial restriction, use at high humidity place act against one's will, must add outfit dehumidify unit, prevent the knot dew when transducer and PLC quit the job. When the place that has vibration is installed, in Zhen Yuan side needs to take the step that reduces vibration, and outfit vibration isolator or vibration isolation balata are added in transducer and PLC side. 6.

The   of layout     of 2 transducer and PLC 6.


1 transducer advocate transducer of loop     runs the stator resistor that should use electric machinery without control of speed sensor vector, and the acquisition of data is by the parameter of transducer self check measures a program to finish. If press groovy lead,calorific desired result chooses the layout of electric machinery, it is necessarily when Sunday run power supply, in joining circuit resistance to parameter self check to measure the stator resistor data that give, the control precision that causes transducer drops, short of designs a requirement. So, the lead of transducer output loop should increase 1-2 level again on the foundation in groovy and calorific desired result sectional grade. 6.


The control signal of transducer of   of   of 2 control loop and PLC is signal of faint voltage, electric current, so with advocate loop is different, the output loop to transducer is source of strong electromagnetism interference, accordingly, transducer and the layout that PLC dominates return circuit cannot with transducer advocate loop layout lays inside same root iron pipe or same layout chamfer. To improve interference rejection result further, still should use 1.

Lead of 0mm2 insulation screen. The ground connection of insulation screen lead should undertake in transducer and PLC side sheet nods ground connection, use appropriative earthing terminal, as not common as the earthing terminal of other. The length of the size that electromagnetism induction disturbs and electrical wiring becomes scale, want to lay as far as possible with the shortest circuit so. 7.

The system debugs   7.

The examination   before 1 electrify 7.


Examination of wiring of 1 transducer periphery is in examination of transducer periphery wiring should note the following respects: ① power supply cord should join with terminal of R, S, T, cannot come repeatedly absolutely on terminal of U, V, W. Between ② terminal, appear electric part has without phenomenon of short circuit, ground connection. ③ earthing terminal must good ground connection. The bolt of ④ terminal, connector originallies whether closely. Whether is ⑤ electric machinery broken away from with machine safety. 7.


2Examination of wiring of periphery of PLC of system of control of transducer of examination of PLC periphery wiring should emphasize an inspection the following respects: The wiring of 220V supply power supply of ① PLC is correct. ② PLC input is unit + wiring of 24V power source is correct, absolutely cannot interfuse 220V strong report. ③ PLC outputs unit to cannot be put in short circuit hidden trouble. The power source wiring that ④ PLC outputs unit place to take load is correct. 7.

Transducer of   of   of setting of parameter of function of system of 2 frequency control is in when leaving factory, all functional codes already were installed. But, the requirement of system of timing of planer-type milling machine and factory set value are endless and same, so, a few important function parameter need reset. 7.


The ① of   of functional parameter setting of M1 of electric machinery of 1 workbench feed quickens time 1 (the function piles up F07) : 1s; ② slowdown time 1 (the function piles up F08) : 1s; The OL set of 1 is worth ③ electron hot relay (the function piles up F11) : 23A; ④ torsion vector controls 1 (the function piles up F42) : 1; ⑤ M1 parameter -- extremely several (the function piles up P01) : 4; Capacity (the function piles up P02) : 11KW; Rated electric current (the function piles up P03) : 22.

6A; Carry electricity for nothing (the function piles up P06) : 4.

2A; After afore-mentioned parameter set are over, pile up the function P04 (electric machinery parameter is rectified oneself calm) set is 1, wait about 5 seconds, transducer can check data of interior of workbench feed electric machinery automatically to be saved. If checking medium happening unusual call the police, consult transducer user manual gives please solve. 7.


The functional parameter of M2 of electric machinery of feed of 2 left, right main shaft installs   ① electron to heat up relay the OL set of 2 is worth (the function piles up A07) : 3.

7A; ② torsion vector controls 2 (the function piles up A09) : 1; ③ M2 parameter -- extremely several (the function piles up A10) : 4; Capacity (the function piles up A11) : 1.

5KW; Rated electric current (the function piles up A12) : 3.

7A; Carry electricity for nothing (the function piles up A15) : 1.

4A; After afore-mentioned parameter set are over, pile up the function A13 (electric machinery parameter is rectified oneself calm) set is 1, wait about 5 seconds, transducer can check data of interior of workbench feed electric machinery automatically to be saved. If checking medium happening unusual call the police, consult transducer user manual gives please solve. 7.


Function of terminal of X1 of ① of   of setting of parameter of 3 public functions chooses (the function piles up E01) : 9; Exterior call the police, the heat of the unit of apply the brake that X1 terminal strings together transducer periphery and resistor of apply the brake quick switch, when they malfunction transducer calls the police instantly stop; Function of ② X2 terminal chooses (the function piles up E02) : 12; Electric machinery of electric machinery 2/ 1 choice; ③ frequency set 1 (the function piles up F01) : 1; ④ runs an operation (the function piles up F02) : 1. 7.


4 add, the set     of slowdown time adds slowdown time to be able to be gotten with calculative method, when if fruit is actual it is difficult that computation has, can use the following method. Will add slowdown time set to become greater value first, put out stall n function, again successive is reduced increase cost of slowdown time set, do not produce the set value when calling the police to be with transducer optimal. Even if is the set value that gets according to computation, the warning function that also should use transducer undertakes affirming finally. After transducer adds slowdown time set to be over, stall n function should regain ON position. 7.

3  of   of set of parameter of PLC control system is in after optimal slowdown time decides transducer, want the time constant that reset graph shows transducer 3 times to output switch to protect the TIM002 in partial PLC program, TIM003. The value of time constant set of these two timer is equal, but the slowdown time that must be more than transducer. 7.

After the 4 functional parameter set that try frequency control system of moving     are over, can undertake the system tries move. Use first operate dish of speed that go up to give potentiometer set about the low frequency of 5HZ, press positive and negative turns pushbutton, let workbench procrastinate move electric machinery sky to record movement a few minutes. The attention observes whether the locomotive way of electric machinery is right, rotate speed is smooth, temperature rise is normal, add decelerate flowing etc. Continue to be in again 10, 20, 35, the frequency place such as 50HZ tries move. It is normal to if try,move, frequency control system can be thrown move formally. 8.

  of last word   article labor the control of transducer is characteristic, put forward not to have speed sensor vector to control transducer to replace the feasibility of dc timing, gave out the type selecting computation of transducer and its peripheral is formulary, control what PLC introduces frequency control system neatly system. Through two years many run a proof actually, system of PLC pilot frequency control, not only circuit simplifies greatly, and each timing function reachs level of timing of original direct current, plus transducer and PLC perfect breakdown diagnoses a function, make the dependability of whole timing system, but maintainability gets rising substantially. Bibliographical reference: 1. Wu Zhongzhi, wu Jialin transducer uses publishing house of notebook machinery industry, 1997     2. Feng battlements is unripe, principle and practice machinist are controlled without speed sensor vector south Ceng Yue trade publishing house, 1998     3. In Wang Shuo but press of industry of program controller national defence, 1995     4. Zhou Shaoying, niu Xiuyan electric machinery and procrastinate use publishing house of university of the broadcasting television central, 1994     5. The application of technology of frequency control of Duan Suzhen communication in door type crane [J] electric drive, 2005, 1     6. The means of electric apply the brake of frequency control of Duan Suzhen communication [J] machine tool electric equipment, 2004, 3     7. The application of Duan Suzhen transducer in fretsaw machine [J] application of frequency conversion technology, 2006, 2     8. Han An Rongtong reachs his to apply with transducer [M] machinist trade publishing house author of   of 2000     : Unit of Duan Suzhen   : Shaanxi saves address of joint-stock company of the Tie Baoqiao in treasure chicken city: Road of clear ginger of city of chicken of Shaanxi province treasure 80 postcodes: 721006   phone: 0917-3356337 (curtilage) , 0917-2867573 (do)     Email:dSzdpf@163.

Com   date: On May 31, 2006 brief introduction of     author: Duan Suzhen (1974, ) , male, shaanxi Feng Xiang's person, in engineer of Inc. of iron treasure bridge, research direction is Electromechanical unifinication technology, PLC and technology of communication frequency control to apply mediumly in lifting appliance. In recent years, it is domestic core, important to be in early or late periodical of science and technology " electric drive " , " electric drive automation " , " have heavy carriage machine " , " transducer world " , " frequency conversion technology applies " , " machine tool electric equipment " with " electric world " , the technical paper that published 70 thousand much word publicly 16. CNC Milling CNC Machining