The application of sine double transducer on drawbench

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Craft requirement: The requirement is pulled silk and synchronism receiving a line, pulling force is steady, start stop machine is continuous line. Most spread cables fast MAX2500m/min. The system transforms configuration: According to equipment technology requirement, choose drawbench candied floss and special transducer: SINE311 - 015 drawbench receive a special transducer: SINE309 - picture of 5R5 spot objective: Transducer controls ark: Working principle pursues: Objective of cistern cone pulliy: Transducer hookup: Electric hookup: Parameter set: On complete meaning goofy model drawbench is special model transducer; Need correct wiring only, do not need the functional parameter of set transducer, leave factory the value can satisfy a requirement namely. The project carries out a result: After this equipment uses sine transducer to transform, make overall function has bigger rise: Low speed wears model, high speed to pull a mutual independence, the process that pull silk is energy-saving, efficient; Without rotate speed dead band, rated torsion of low speed 1Hz is outputted smoothly, wear a model, try machine 0 material loss; According to helping silk thread capable person real load changes self-adjusting, the output power of transducer, maintain its constant, burden is started carry smoothly nevertheless; Implementation identifies automatically receive a line dish identify mechanical drive a diameter, automatically to compare PID of the line way that identifies wire cable automatically, self-correcting to dog parameter, automatically lead plane speed. Dog automatically the linear velocity that pull silk, tensional balancing pole is maintained basically in position of balancing pole midpoint. No matter empty dish, half dishes, plateful; No matter thick wire, filament; No matter low speed, middling speed, high speed, tension is constant from beginning to end. CNC Milling CNC Machining